Love Couple Relation
Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Anniversaries together but they are not the only occasions which should be celebrated. Everyday can be celebrated if you guys are in love in fact each together can be celebrated. There are so many days other than some special occasions which are not done justice because we consider those special moments of life regular ones and miss out on life. To keep your relationship healthy and happy you should have enough excuses or reasons to celebrate even if it is a silly one. So here we are to double the love in your relationship by suggesting you some 7 special moments which you guys can celebrate together and make love.
Don’t you think this should be the actual anniversary day? Because everything begins when you look at each other or your eyes crossed for the first time. Many of us would have an imaginary song playing in background when they first saw their partner. It is true we get to know immediately when someone is going to stay for a long time in our life or going to be part of our life. We get intuitions about it. Here seeing your partner on Tinder for the first time also counts. Thus, mark the date you guys met for the first and celebrate it lifelong. We are sure you will cherish these moments at later stage of life.
  • Oh I am in Love

I guess it’s in the movies, “Love at first sight”. In real life it takes a lot to be that special someone. There are so many dates and meetings with friends before one falls in love. We take time to know each other and get along and then we eventually fall for them. So yes it is necessary to celebrate those moments. The couple would know how long they took to confess each other their love. For celebrating this day you can go to the place where you expressed your feelings to each other or spend the day like you did when you confessed your love.
  • Proposal Anniversary

Prior point was self realization of love and letting your partner know about your feelings. After this we come to the next level for making some serious decisions. Proposal day is very important day because we are equally excited and stressed, because anything can happen. We can never really predict these things and yes is not going to come on the same day and who knows if it’s going to be a yes or not. This is the day when you went on knees spending on an expensive ring over those video games, so definitely it was a crucial day of your life that has to be celebrated.
  • The day she said Yes

You surely wouldn’t get response the same day or 24 hours. First girls like to make you wait and second they will see your life as couple in fast forward in imagination. And if everything goes well you will get a Yes. This days rings into a party because you know how hard you have tried to get her and how many sleepless nights you have spend to hear a Yes from your to be only one. Actually your relationship got official this day so cherish it and enjoy the real start of your relationship this day. If you are away from your beloved you can send cake online and surprise her.
  • First Fight Anniversary

Everything comes with a price so there would be love and there would be fights too. This day is so very important because you guys learned to maturely handle these silly fights unlike before when even a little fights lead to break up. And I am you guys would have badly fought and shouted at each other, but at the end of the day cried and cuddled to sleep together. So don’t you think this day should be given utmost importance? It should definitely be given, so go booze a little on your first fight anniversary and let people laugh at you for this.
  • First time I said Sorry

I have heard couples are so hesitated to say sorry and ask for apologies. They can easily express love and admiration for each other now and then but for asking forgiveness one might take a whole life. The Apology automatically comes out of you when you start visualizing the bigger picture that is getting a realization as to what is more important ego or love.
  • First Patch up date

I believe this generation’s couples would have so many numerous break ups and patch ups. So it is really difficult to decide which one to celebrate and due to many of them you would hardly remember any. Celebrate the one when you let go feeding your ego and considering your partner’s presence more important.
  • Engagement Anniversary

This is date which has be celebrated grandly every year without any fail because you guys exchanged your rings in front of so many people and made your relationship public. Choose anniversary gifts online to surprise her.
These celebrations doesn’t have to be a glam glitz affair, it can also be celebrated sitting on your couch holding your hands. The only message is these celebrations would keep your relationship intact and away from unnecessary drama.