AI in Content Creation
Artificial Intelligence. That is the new buzzword in industrial circles. This new technology has brought many changes in various industry sectors such as mechanical engineering, healthcare, electrical engineering, digital marketing, and even content creation. Artificial Intelligence tools are used for jobs which do not need decision making. For this part (decision making), companies are making use of machine learning artificial neural networks. In this article, let us focus on the changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation.
All said and done. Everyone knew that an AI tool when designed can bring about accurate results. Perfect. But the hardest task for an AI software lies in content creation. And in this era of cutthroat competition, the creation of content that can attract the audience always stays at an arms length for marketers.

What are the challenges that exist in content creation?

It lies in creating the right content for the audience. And not all can become writers. Even if they become one, the content creation is the toughest part. We are saying about humans. Then what about a software application? A customer, if he reads the same content, again and again, can become bored. So, even a content writer becomes prone to writing the same words over. But machines, once programmed can include the right sort of words to attract the audience.

Artificial Intelligence in Content Creation

There exist articles all over the internet. And artificial intelligence has already stepped into the content creation. You may have read the articles written by the AI without realizing that it has been spun by an AI tool. When lowlevel jobs have been taken over by robots, will content creation be far behind? So, there exists content in various forms such as sports reviews, summaries on the internet created by AI applications.
The main reasons for advancement are image recognition, machine learning, natural language processing and many more. It has even stepped into the field of digital marketing. So now, a social media marketer can get his scripts, social media posts written by an AI tool.

Outsourcing Services 

There are companies which have the artificial tool that can write content. You just have to choose the topic, length and their algorithm based AI will create the content. Free of plagiarism. The best example of AI content creation tool Articoolo.  
There are many articles which you can find in Washington Post written by a robot. They have their own AI robot called as Heliograf. This tool has written articles on the Olympics, social events and many more.
The tool called as Articoolo can provide content in many languages such as Chinese, German, French, Spanish and even Japanese.

Writing As Per The Requirement

So, how does a content writer give an article? He/she first has to research on the trending topics, check for the suitable keywords, understand the topic and then write the content. There are chances that a few keywords may get missed in the article. But in an AI tool, the keywords can get placed in proper fashion. The AI tool can also search on the internet for relevant information, junk post, low profile keywords, and make the content that is more interesting to the readers.
The keywords rank profile and topics can change every now and then. A human content writer may find it difficult to check these changes. Whereas an AI tool on the other hand, can respond to changes in the trend and write content as per the required standards and formats.
Now let us look into some AI tools that are used in content creation in the field of digital marketing.

1. HubSpot Content Strategy Tool

This tool makes use of machine learning to help writers, bloggers and marketers find new content topic ideas. Usually the topics are given after a thorough search of the internet.
The marketing personnel can also get valuable suggestions on the keywords that should be used in the article. For efficient content marketing campaigns, this tool is the perfect model.


Similar to Hub Tool, this AI application also throws light on the topics which can drive customer engagement. Other benefits include tracking of the performance of articles and promotions.

3. BrightEdge

This tool not only gives information on topics but also SEO. So the content you get is optimized. The website makes use of AI application to search for topics trending on the internet. You can easily create a content strategy that can get converted into an article with the right amount of keywords. This type of article will generate more customer engagement and consumer interest.

4. Crayon

Are you the owner of a website? Then you must know that the content in the home page will always change as per the trend. Maintenance of a website is not easy. You need to adapt content strategies, keep a look on your competitors website, infuse fresh ideas in the content and many more. Make use of Crayon to learn how your competitors change their content strategy online. Then you can gain insights on their strategy and target their specific audience.

5. MarketMuse

Remember Siri, the virtual assistant? MarketMuse is also another application that can help you gain the best insights in certain topics. This tool first gives information on the topics that are suitable for your business. Then, if you want more info, then information on certain terms that need to be present in the content to gain customer engagement.

6. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is a platform which can help you improve the content already written on a grand scale. The tool used is a sophisticated AI application. The tool reads the content and checks if the words meet the required standards. But do you guess the difficult part? Analysis and improvement, the tool has to do for various factors. The result is a content which can generate customer engagement across all parts of the globe.


Have you read the article about Artificial Intelligence in Content creation? Yes, the application is still in the nascent stages. But in the future, AI in content creation will lead to articles that can generate interest in customers. Fluff content will vanish.
Now, shall we take a case study to summarise the content in the article? Let us imagine, you are in Hyderabad. You have a company which provides geyser repair in Hyderabad. You have also become a partner in a company which specializes in home care services in Hyderabad for all type of home repairs. The website is for the customers who can visit the website to book a service. In addition to having your website, you also have a blog. The content writing team writes articles for the blog. Now, to generate articles which create more customer engagement, you bought an AI tool which can give perfect information on keywords and trending topics. The content writing team makes use of the tool to generate articles to have more customer engagement. The idea works in full force, and the content writing team gets more leads via the website.