Gadgets for Happier and Healthier
While the word gadget has a very negative vibe to it, it does not hold true for all gadgets. The moment we hear the ‘G’ word, we start relating electronics like PSP and mobile phones to it. What we cannot picture is that there are gadgets that actually aim towards providing a healthy and happy lifestyle for us. While looking for Optimum Internet Price, clicking on a pop-up directed me to an article that listed a couple of health-related gadgets. Apparently, these gadgets have made lives easier for many people who can check the glucose content in their urine or monitor the amount of daily calorie intake without any hassle.

A list of some of these gadgets is given below:


If you have someone in your family who is always complaining about having a pain, you are well familiar with the moaning that comes as a part of the deal. No one likes to see a loved or dear one suffer through pain, but the constant moaning can get annoying at times. The victim then has to be rushed to the hospital to get a painkiller prescribed by a doctor according to the area of pain. With PainPod, this issue does not seem like that big a problem now. PainPod is a medical device that is used in physiotherapy, sports therapy and a substitute for the modern painkillers. It is drug-free and is portable. The sufferer has to wear/tap the gadget wherever he/she is feeling the pain and wait for the device to work its magic. The combination of microcurrents and biomedical technology that the gadget is powered with aims at understanding the humans’ peripheral nervous system. It then educates itself how the nervous and body systems in a human manage pain and speed recovery from that pain. Tap it on the PAINFUL area and within minutes you will be relieved from pain.

Gluten Tester

Being a foodie with a specific food allergy can be irritating at times. Many people are allergic to gluten and products that have gluten as a natural ingredient. However, if you dine out, chances are you may overlook the ingredients of a particular food or may not be aware of the exact ingredients. To save you from the danger of eating a food product that has gluten as a hidden ingredient, NIMA has come up with a gluten detector. This remains the first and the only gluten detector in the world to date. It is a portable detector that can be easily carried to cafes and restaurants. All you have to do is place a small amount of the food that you are about to have and place it in the sensor. The detector will indicate you if the food has gluten in it or not.
Life couldn’t get easier than this!

Centrifugal Juicer

Philips has introduced a new centrifugal juicer that allows you to decide the amount of fiber that you want to have in your juice. Fiber helps to improve an individual’s digestion system, prevent diabetes, prevent heart diseases and keep certain types of cancers from attacking you. Therefore, adding fiber to your diet is essential and fruits are a very good source of it. With Philips centrifugal juicer you can decide the amount of fiber you want to add to your juice (if at all). You can also opt to keep your juice clear. The texture will depend on the amount of fiber you select.

Water Purifier

Drinking contaminated water gives rise to many water-borne diseases. It is for this reason that SteriPEN has come up with Ultra water purifier that uses UV light to destroy nearly 99.9% of the germs in the water. These germs could be bacteria, microorganisms or simply viruses that are present in the water. The device can treat fifty liters of water in one charge with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that it has. A smiley face on the device is an indicator that the water is safe to drink. A frowning face tells otherwise and means that the water needs to be treated once more.

Fertility Tracker

Any couple who has ever tried to get pregnant knows the real struggle. Keeping track of the EarlySense keeps a track of a woman’s fertility cycle. But before it does so, the tracker has to be placed underneath the mattress for three months so the AI gathers the information regarding a woman’s fertility cycle. It does so by tracking the heart rate and the respiration rate. The woman can then seize the opportunity woman accordingly.
It helps the couple look for the optimum opportunity and give it a shot. Just like some cable providers give you optimum cable packages that you can’t resist subscribing to. So, when whenever you are using through the gadget you can maintain your internet privacy through this package and also the gadget itself is usable with good interent facility so for using it would be the best source of your fertility tracking.
So, All these gadgets have a aim which shows at the end which is common making your life happy and living happier than ever by making it easier for every person.
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