How to Know If A Hacker Is Using Your Wifi Connection

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Hacker Is Using Your Wifi
Protecting your Wi-Fi box with a password is not enough to make it totally invulnerable. If your Internet connection seems slower than usual, it would be a good idea to check that your neighbour is not having fun hacking into your Wi-Fi. Indeed, the use of a password does not necessarily mean that your wifi network is not accessible by unhealthy individuals.  Discover the test that will allow you to know if your Internet connection is being used without your knowledge.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi

Wireless Wi-Fi technology has invaded our interiors. Easy to install, it allows very easy access to the Internet from any room in the fireplace. No more cables running around. Wi-Fi allows you to share the same connection with an infinite number of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, connected objects).
Today, almost every home has a wireless connection. Routers and Wi-Fi boxes are a great success with the general public. But this should not overshadow the security problems inherent in this type of technology. Indeed, it is much easier to intercept waves than to hack into a wired internet access.

Security of a WiFi network

The different security methods (WEP, WPA, Mac address filtering) do not offer absolute protection. There are also programs on the net that can recover the password for a WiFi connection. To do this, they use the so-called brute force attack method.
This technique allows you to test thousands of combinations until you find the right one. Of course, the longer and more complex the password (lowercase, uppercase, special characters), the longer it takes for the hacker to connect to your Wi-Fi.
If you are using a name or date of birth to protect your wireless connection, it may be time to change your password as a matter of urgency.

Your wireless connection has been hacked

Without knowing it, a funny guy may be squatting on your internet connection. If you have any doubts, start by connecting to the administration interface of your box or router. These devices generally have tools to see the devices connected to your wireless network and thus detect intruders.
Technical information on connected devices, ip, mac address Your ISP does not offer this type of service? Don’t worry, there are a large number of network diagnostic tools on the Play Store. With the Fing – Network Tools application you will be able to analyze your wireless connection and make sure it has not been hacked.
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Launch the Play Store application
  • Download and install the Fing – Network Wifi Tools application
  • Launch the application
  •  Click on the refresh button (semicircle with an arrow) Restart the analysis by clicking on the refresh button in Fing
  •  On the home screen you will find the name of your Wi-Fi access and the list of devices connected to your network at that time.
The application will also provide you with the MAC address, ip and name of each device identified on your network. fing displays the list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi box

Block the connection to unknown devices

Most Boxes offer a filtering system to block unwanted devices. To do this, simply take note of the MAC address (unique identifier assigned to each network device), connect to the administration interface of your box and then add the address to be banned to the Wi-Fi access list. Repeat the same operation for mobiles, computers that do not belong to you.
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