The Latest News on The Saudi Royal Family’s Involvement with The Jamal Khassoghi Murder

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Saudi Royal Family

Jamal Khashoggi’s family have issued a statement, calling on the United Nations to launch an thorough inquiry into their fathers tragic death, and asked the Turkish authorities to locate Jamal’s remains so they can finally carry out his funeral.
According to a statement from the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh, Jamal Khashoggis body was wrapped in a rug and hidden off by a local collaborator, three of Khashoggis four children, who are dual SaudiUS nationals, are believed to be subject to travel bans, in spite of this, Jamal’s eldest son Salah flew to the US on Wednesday, after fearing for his life in Riyadh.
Jamal’s son Salah was summoned to receive the condolences from both King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the pictures of the meeting drew great sympathy and outrage from people around the world last week.
Nearly all of the suspects in Khashoggi’s killing are members of the Saudi security forces, and are believed to have been handpicked for the assassination by Saud alQahtani, the consigliereof the royal court and MBS’s righthandman.
The suspects are from elite units of the military and intelligence agencies, some from the Crown Princes personal protection squad.
The men are alleged to have dismembered Khashoggi’s body inside the Saudi Consulate three weeks ago.
The killing has shaken international confidence in both Saudi Arabia and in the judgement of the Crown Prince, with many business partners pulling out of the Riyadh based conference last week. Many business partners are wish to distance themselves from the KSA and PIF, and attempting to downgrade their involvement with MBS and the oil rich nation.
The UK is heavily involved with Saudi Arabia, and prides itself on good relations with the Saudi Royal Family, advocates of the Saudi relationship claim that as Riyadh seeks to diversify out of oil and military equipment, the UK is wellplaced to secure key business deals in infrastructure and service provision.
Britain sold over £6.2 billion worth of goods/services to Saudi Arabia in 2016, most of which was arms sales, of which there are staunch critics both in the UK and abroad. The UK is showing no signs of putting arms deals on hold.
However, several EU nations such as Germany, Belgium, and Austria have temporarily banned arms sales to Saudi Arabia Britain and France are unlikely to follow the ban.
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The blog post is offered by Ahmed Al Baghloli, he is a journalist and an online digital media expert from Saudi Arabic. He is in this field from last 5 years and has been writing for different industry clients. Currently he is linked with a big brand name called Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.
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