Things to Do in Langtang Region

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About Langtang Region

01. Gosainkunda Lake Trekking

Gosaikunda Lake Trekking can be an astonishing hiking road of Nepal, mainly designed with the combo of this remote and scenic shore of Langtang with holy belief in the lake. The mountains LakeGosaikunda is inhabited by Sherpa and Tamang populations that is famous for its pristine civilization and religion with glorious Himalayan views.
GosaikundaHelambu Trekking area is considered one of the very religious websites or even certainly one of the holiest sacred lakes of Langtang, Nepal due to its ancient faith. According to Hindu Mythology, it’s believed that Gosaikunda Lake joins with Godfather Shiva (“God of destruction and power”). People felt that god Shiva meditated for several years at the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. And its belief that he also took a bath in this lake and also equipped to gained purity of spirit. Thus many trekkers from the all around the world are visitingGosaikunda HolyLake to have a bath in its water with the beliefs of becoming rid of these sins and sorrows.
LangtangGosaikunda Trek is thought of one among the hard hiking road of Nepal, that provides us with incredible and diverse travel over the Langtang valley and also the sacred lakes of Gosaikunda. This hiking route includes extended, towering and descents climate, sub –a dense woods, high Himalayan views, glaciers, many famous lakes like Gosaikunda (4,460m), both Saraswatikunda along with Ganesh Kunda and scenic villages.

02.       Langtang Valley Trekking

Even the Langtang Valley might be probably the most accessible metropolitan area in Nepal; nonetheless, it’s stayed mostly undetected by trekkers until today. However, on the Langtang Valley Trek, the opinion of this valley and the hills are always changing but consistently incredibly beautiful. Glacier-fed flows fall down the almost vertical stone walls into the lake. Even as we gain elevation, we gradually leave the jungle and then input oak and rhododendron woods. When we see carefully, we might observe some intriguing creatures and critters such as reptiles, musk deer, pika and the national bird of Nepal, the colorful Danphe. The Langtang Valley Trek goes through many quaint cities at which Tibetan script on ivory walls and chortens remind us Tibetan-Buddhist legacy of these people. Do not overlook out the neighborhood yak cheese, so it’s yummy!
The Langtang Valley Trek starts with a 130 km road trip from Kathmandu into Suryabrubesi, which takes approximately 8 hrs. SyabruBensi,” 1472m, marks the entrance into the Langtang National Park where we enroll our TIMS and Park Pass and put off on our trek. The Langtang River is the constant companion around the Langtang Valley Trek. The road starts on a rock stairway at a deep sea. Using one side of this road would be a jungle, and on the opposite is that the river. We mix back and forth over the river suspension bridges often a trek.
In Langtang,” 3430m, the scene begins to appear immortal. The entire valley is available on either side and arid as a desert. The magnificent LangtangLirung, 7246m, overlooks the plethora of peaks that are enormous. Even as we scale the last space to KyanjinGompa, the mountain perspectives appear to be increasingly more glorious with each measure. A knoll overlooking the village provides a 270-degree panoramic view of glaciers and 5000-meter snowy white peaks. In Kyanjin, 3870m, there’s a monastery that’s more than 600 years of age. Imagine the certainty and determination it took to create this and live the brutal winters round precisely the same time Columbus discovered America.
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