Top Reasons Why You Should Study in Germany

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Chance to Study in Germany
Study in Germany has always been on top of the list of international students who wish not only to Study in Europe, but anywhere in the world. Yes, the tuition fees are none to less, and the Universities keep featuring among the lists of Top Universities in the world, but that is not all. There are many reasons that make Germany an obvious choice for anyone who is willing to Study Abroad. Here are the Top reasons why you should study in Germany for higher education:

1. Free Education in Public Universities

Out of 16 states in Germany, 11 of them are free for the students. Barring one or two, all the public Universities offer the Master’s program without any cost. International students can actually study in Germany for free, without any tuition fees. Some states ask for minimal semester fees though, which are not more than 500 euros per year.

2. Quality of Education:

The Free Universities in Germany does not mean any compromise in education. Germany is famous for its prestigious educational institutes and the problem solving-practical attitude towards research output are the highlights to the education system in Germany. 45 of the German Universities feature in the Top Universities in the world.
The most notable courses in Germany are Technical and Engineering Courses. Germany is an industrial and manufacturing giant, and that reflects in the teachings, too. Other than that MBA in Germany is another course which offers excellent education and opportunities.

3. Study in English Language:

Yes, opposite to the common notion, many of the postgraduate and higher studies in Germany are offered in English language. So while a basic knowledge of German language is recommended to study and work in Germany, but it is not compulsory to know German Language, as the medium of Instruction will be English at most of the German Universities for Masters Programs. Moreover, even for English, you can Study in Germany without IELTS.

4. Work and Study in Germany:

The international students are allowed to work while studying in Germany to support themselves with their education costs and living expenses. The average student wages are somewhere between 10 to 15 euros an hour. International students are allowed to work for full days for 90 days and part-time for 180 days in one year.

5. Safe Country:

Even by European standards, Germany is safer than other countries when it comes to international students. No matter where you are in Germany, be it at the University Campus, Urban or Rural areas, it is always safe to roam around free in Germany, without worrying about one’s safety. Politically and economically too, Germany is better compared not only to its neighbouring nations but also all over the world.

6. Scholarships to Study in Germany:

The admission at the tuition free universities in Germany can be very competitive. However, that does not stop students to have an affordable education in Germany. The biggest providers of Scholarships in Germany are “German Scholarship Program” and numerous DAAD Scholarships. DAAD is of the biggest providers of Scholarships in the world, and with help of the organisation, you can find a scholarship based on your needs.
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