Travel Essentials: Important Things to Bring in Hong Kong

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When you plan on travelling to Hong Kong, these are the essentials you should not forget to bring:

WiFi Hotspot

It has become a necessity to bring internet wherever you go, including abroad. Of course, you should pick the best travel WiFi Hotspot in Hong Kong to make sure your connection is available at all times. The internet can help you navigate your travel by:
     Giving you a chance to translate words you do not understand
     Providing a map of the country so you dont get lost
     Giving you important updates at your fingertips
     Search for the best restaurant, and tourist spots.
     Be able to call or video call someone directly.


This could be wipes, bottles, and sprays. First, the airplane you will ride on is most likely contaminated with a lot of germs that can make you sick from the table to the seat. Be prepared to wipe as many surfaces as possible. Second, you may not know if nearby bathrooms in Hong Kong will have tissues and running water. There will be instances when you need to wash your hands and wipe down the toilet.

First aid Kit

You need to be prepared for all sorts of emergencies. Things you can put on your first aid kit are:
     Gauze Pad
     Wound ointment
     Antihistamines, if you have allergies
     Headache essentials: essential oil, paracetamol, Vapor Rub
     Nasal decongestant for tight ears
     Basic medications
     Loperamide and hydration tablets for diarrhea
     Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for pain and fever
     Face mask

Skin Care

Your skin can be vulnerable to the cold and dry environment of the airplane and unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, you never to forget to bring skin care. One of the most important types of skin care is moisturizing products for the body. These items are lip balm for the lips, body lotion and facial moisturizer.  Make sure to buy the travel size of all of these, since there is a limit to the fluid amount one can bring. Reapply these moisturizers to skin whenever needed
Another important skincare to bring is sunscreen. Whether you chose to travel to Hong Kong during summer or winter season, you need sunscreen for protection from skin cancer. Most people underestimate the importance of this cream during the winter since the sun isn’t as strong. But during the winter, the sun hits its UV rays in the snow and the snow reflects rays back to your face. Additionally, the ozone layer is thinnest during this season.

Universal Travel Adaptor

This adaptor will allow you to use socket shapes different from your own country for all of your electronics and WiFi hotspots, including Hong Kong. To be safe, get one that is rechargeable and stores energy. A good rechargeable one is from the brand Bestek.

Key Takeaway:

When you travel to Hong Kong, there are many essentials you should not forget to bring. First, do not forget to bring the best WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong because you need a stable internet for different purposes. Second, dont forget skin care and first aid kit so your body as a whole will be taken care of. Lastly, do not forget to bring a universal adapter so you can charge all your electronics no matter the socket.
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