Attention On The Stainless Steel Flange

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A flange is a joining process used to join a pipe with another pipe or any other element. It’s the second most popular choice of flange after welding. A flange is preferred because of its flexibility and versatility, it can be used in a plethora of places to connect or end a supply line. A typical flange consists of 3 elements to work, first comes the flange second is the gasket, and last comes the bolting, all these are assembled and packed together with a fitter to become a complete set.

Stainless Steel Flanges


Courtesy of flange manufacturers in India, the country has witnessed a diversity of flanges today. Some are of different shapes and some of the different types, which one to pick depending on the use of it. We see flanges carved out of iron, brass, and even plastic but the best of all is stainless steel.

Stainless steel flange is ideal equipment for industrial purposes mainly used to join pipes, sheets, pumps, and any kind of the connecting point. The properties of stainless steel and easy availability aids to its popularity. Now as aforementioned before flanges are can be built in different shapes and types and some of the most common are-

Weld Neck Flange-

This kind of flange is used to join one neck of the pipe to another, it is also called high-hub flange. As the name suggests this flange is welded onto the pipe in a manner that the pipe’s dimensions are parallel to that of the flange. These flanges are perfect for odd placements of pipes like an environment of high pressure, temperature or stress.

Socket Weld Flange-

Socket weld flange is a small flange which has a socket where the pipe could be welded. This completely seals away the pipe giving it a better flow of gas or liquid through the pipe. Generally, it looks like a normal flange but if you look inside there is an outward bore used to insert flange.

Lap Joint Flange-

A lap join stainless steel flange largely resembles a flat face flange and even a slip-on flange from each side, however its none of both. This flange is flat from one side and the other side has a lip on the inside radius. The flat side is used to insert a stub end from which the pipe will go for extra support. The pipe is welded into the stub end and the flange is free to rotate, this one is the best type for systems indulged in frequent dismantling.

Girth Flange-

Girth Flange is used to mate two different sections of pressure vessels. This flange is mostly used in shell & tube heat exchangers. A typical girth flange is quite different from your normal flange, it is bigger in size with more bolt cavities. There are two types of Girth Flanges a normal one and one with tube sheets.

There were some of the commonly used flanges today. Flange manufacturers forge them in different grades, a category with specific attributes of stainless steel. A higher grade represents better performance of steel.

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