How to Extract Selective PST Files from Oversized Backup File

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How to Extract Selective PST

Backup files play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of your database. The BKF files prove to be the only source of retrieving data in case of system failure or database corruption. The users can backup documents, media files, personal data, email clientsdata files, and many more items. However, due to certain anomalies in the backup process, the BKF file may end up in a corrupted or inaccessible state. This in turn leads to inaccessibility of the data residing within the BKF, thus defeating the only purpose of creating backup files.  
There can be many reasons owing to which the BKF file may end up in a corrupted state. One such factor is the oversizing of the BKF file. Not many people know that the partitions, which are formatted by the FAT and FAT32 file system, have a size limit of 4 GB. In case the user tries to backup the files to FAT or FAT32 volume and the data exceeds the 4GB size limit, the BKF file may get corrupted
This thing goes unnoticed by majority of the users and they remain unaware of the fact that their BKF is corrupted. Thus, when the user tries to extract the data from the backup file, it may not be possible to do so. In case the BKF was created for storing Outlook PST file, the PST files residing within the corrupt BKF will be inaccessible

Manually Recover Data from Oversized BKF

When it comes to extracting data from a healthy BKF, the process is very easy to perform. However, the real problem comes when the backup file is in a corrupted state as mentioned in the above section. It is to be noted that there exists no manual procedure, with the help of which, a user can recover data from a corrupt BKF.
Therefore, in order to perform recovery of data from corrupt backup files, third party applications are a musttohave utility. However, not every solution is capable enough to recover a selective mount of data from the backup file. Consider a scenario where the user possesses a BKF of 10 GB in which few PST files are stored. From the entire data, the user wants to recover only a few PST files. Performing selective data recovery is not possible by every third party solution. But there are some, which give the provision of selective data recovery from oversized backup file.

Extract Selective PST Files from Oversized BKF

One such effectual solution that has been designed for data recovery from corrupt backup files is BKF Recovery. The software enables the user to recover the entire or even selected data from corrupt BKF. Once the backup file is successfully scanned by the software, it gives a preview of all the files stored in the BKF file. The inbuilt search option further makes it easy for the users to select specific files from the entire database.  If a user wants to extract only a few PST files from the backup file, in the search box, .pst should be entered. Once the .pst is entered in the searchbox, the software will enlist all the PST files stored in the backup file.
The user can select all the required PST files and can extract them from the oversized backup file either at the same location on which the BKF was stored or at a new location. Thus, BKF Recovery is the most efficacious solution for extracting selective PST files from oversized backup files.
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