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How to Move Aquarium and Fishes during Short & Long Distance Moves?

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Moving fish tank and fishes often not recommended because a move is too tiring for the aquatic animals and in most of the cases, they die. The impact of a long distance move is even more intense on these animals. Those delicate animals need utmost care and concern while transfer to make sure they reach back your new abode, safe, sound and healthy. If you are not in a condition to sell the aquarium or leave behind it with someone else, the only way to have is taking the tank along. You need to take all the necessary measures to keep foster their well-being. Hiring the best Florida movers is a way to make sure you have the best professionals taking care of your precious fishes and fish tank:

Taking care of the filtration system:

Fishes need aerobic bacteria to keep them alive. As soon as the filtration system is removed, the bacteria population starts dying after a few hours. In the first step itself- packing the animals and removing the tank- you need to be very careful.

To start with, take out the fishes, one after another and put them into a sealed bag. If you are moving a short distance, you may retain some water from the tank and utilize it. The oxygen-laden water, keeps the bacteria alive. Drain the excess water.

You must now work on the tank and disassemble it. For the aquarium plants, take them into a container along with some tank water. You will have to carry the bag in-hand during the move. Unlike fishes, the plants have a tough survival instincts and can be taken to a long-distance move. However, if you are moving long-distance, it is recommended to drain the water completely.

Packing the tank:

When you are moving to a short distance, you must pack the filter medium in a container with sealing option. It should be a container never used before or a chemical free box. In case of a long distance move, you will have to discard the filter media. For packing pumps, heater and other items, you must use fragile items packing techniques.

You must pack the tank expertly. If you do not know how, hire professional long distance movers in Florida, as they have experience in packing and moving a range of items, including aquarium and fishes. However, if you choose to do it on your own, you must consult the moving company whether they transport such fragile items, although we recommend moving tank in your private vehicle.

Reestablishing the tank:

As you reach your new destination, you must reassemble the tank, for short distance moves, you already have the processed water, however, for long distance; you will have to install the tank as new, including the waiting period, before putting the fishes back into the tank. Once you have the tank in shape, buy a few hardy fishes and put them in the tank, they help you get the nitrate cycle of the tank back in shape.

This is how you can move an aquarium and the fishes during short-distance and long distance move.

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