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Want To Check EPF Balance? 4 Ways to Do It

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The Employee Provident Fund of EPF is meant for anyone who is working in an organization and it has become far easier to check the balance now. Earlier, one could know about the balance only when the employer shared the details at the end of the year but one does not have to wait that much long anymore. There are a few ways in which one can check the EPF balance:

The use of the Umang App has made it easier for the employees to find out about their PF balance and they can check their balance on their mobile. The app was launched by the government last year and provides access to various government sites in one place. One can view the EPF passbook and also raise claim, and even track the claim using the app. One has to go through a onetime registration process to use the app.

Using the EPFO portal is also a simple way of checking the EPF balance. Instead of the unified portal, it would now allow the users to access their PF passbooks on a different website which is run by the EPFO. One can still use the unified portal for transactional services like transfers. However, you have to know your UAN number to be able to use this feature. To view the PF passbook on the portal, one needs to have an account tagged to the UAN and the passbook can be printed from the website www. epfindia.gov.in .

To access the passbook, one also has to make sure that the UAN Id is activated by the employer. Most employees tend to forget that although the number is provided by the EPFO, it actually has to be verified and activated by the employer. If it has already been activated, it has to be used along with the password. UAN activation app can be used to generate the number. The passbook facility will also not be activated for the employees of those organizations who are exempt under the EPF scheme of 1952.

One can also check the epf contribution amount by sending an SMS from the registered mobile number to 7738299899. The format of the SMS should be EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG is the first three characters of the preferred language, which is English in this case. Since this facility is available across multiple Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali, it is possible for anyone to find out about their EPF balance through their preferred language.

The EPFO App or the M- Sewa app is another way in which one can find out about the EPF balance. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and once the app is downloaded, one has to click on “Member” and then on the “Balance/ Passbook” option. After that one has to enter the UAN and the registered mobile number and the balance would be sent to the mobile via SMS almost instantly.

Giving a simple missed call from the mobile is another simple way of checking the EPF balance. If one is already registered on the UAN portal, then all one has to do is give a missed call on 011- 2290 1406 from the registered mobile number and all the details would be fetched. However, one must make sure that the UAN is linked to the bank account, to the Aadhar number as well as to the PAN to avail the services. If they are not linked already, ask the employer to do it for you.

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