4 Travel Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe from Thieves

4 Travel Tips to Keep Your Luggage Safe from Thieves


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Keeping your luggage secure while you travel is very important especially that nowadays, you bring a lot of important stuff like your electronic gadgets, money and important documents too. At the same time, bandits are even more strategic when it comes to distracting, deceiving and stealing from victims. While you travel, these mishaps are most likely to happen especially if you’re a foreigner because you’re not familiar with many things so they might think you’ll be easily swayed.

Losing your essential stuff or being robbed will surely cause a huge disaster and make you enjoy no more. That is why pay attention to these travel tips that aim to help you keep your luggage secure during your travel:


Packing your stuff for travel seems easy, but it is actually a bit difficult especially if you feel like bringing a lot of them and carrying big things as well. You must consider a lot of things and be wise when packing to maximize the use of space and to know what things to bring and what to leave. Utilize pockets very well. Also, take a look if there are “hidden pockets” which you can use to keep particular things safe.

Properly put a certain object in a bag where it fits well. Especially if it is an expensive or important thing, keep it well. When you put it in a bag, make sure it’s not bulky and obvious. For example, a camera must be placed in its case and in a safe bag. It must not be placed in a bag where its shape and other features are obvious from a bag’s outside.

Do not put all of your things altogether as well because your bags will be separated from each other once you go aboard. Have a carry-on bag or a small bag containing all the important things you need from time to time which you can easily bring around wherever you go.

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Some hotels have luggage locker services which you can avail for your bags’ double security – one from you and one from the hotel. They are helping to keep you relaxed and unworried about your items.

Although these offers are advantageous, be very mindful because they also present risks. Robbers can still think of ways to break the locker and steal your stuff especially if you’re not very attentive and alert. They can actually pretend to be employees in the hotel while taking advantage of you.

Employees are also knowledgeable about the hotel and its facilities, and things like lockers and vaults might not be unfamiliar to them. They might also know passwords for certain protection storages. You’re not judging them, but of course, no one really knows, so you’re just being careful. Do not put money, gadgets and other valuables inside hotel lockers and inside your bags in your locker.


The first line of protection for your luggage, locks are very important and useful to hinder thieves and push them away with their bad motives. Luggage you bring as you travel must come with locks. Select the best kind of locks with trustworthy and excellent quality. Keep the keys safe with you if it’s a padlock, and don’t tell the passcode to anyone if it’s a number-coded lock.

Hang on a unique lock as well or one that is named (with your name, of course), so you’ll easily recognize that it is your luggage if ever you see someone else carrying it. Just whatever the case is, you will immediately identify that it’s yours and other people will also do.

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On top of all, responsible supervision over your luggage is vital. When you are outside, make sure your things won’t get out of your sight. Don’t be very complacent with your surroundings because a suspicious person might be following you to get a chance to steal from you.

Do not leave your luggage just anywhere or to anyone. Let it stay close to you so that you can instantly attend to your needs and to cases of theft.



Keeping your luggage safe as you travel is very important. They are not just your bags but essentials for everything you have and need is there. While you travel, unexpected happenings occur, and one way you can protect yourself and your things is to keep these travel tips in mind!


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