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It is always tough to travel carrying the necessary equipment everywhere. You may require one equipment at some place while you may not require it at other places. And unfortunately, this might create a lot of issues. It is also not easy for anyone to travel with the gears as they require enough space and are heavy. There are many reasons for you to take extra care of these items and plan your packing accordingly. You may have to pay extra fees for these items or these items get misplaced. Here are some tips which will help you to keep things in check for the next time you decide to travel with your gears.

Choices of gear

Whenever you are traveling with gear it is important that you choose your gear wisely. You do not want to over pack and make the luggage heavier and neither do you want to under pack. For example, if you are a photographer you will be requiring a lot of gears with you on the journey. Besides this, there are also some essential and practical things like shoes, books, clothes, etc which you have to have with you always. Thus for convenience, you should prepare a list and narrow it down to the most important items for your journey. This way you can be better prepared for the journey.

Choose the gun bags that fits into your requirements easily. Use the backpack for every item, while use a soft-cover bag to store your gears. If it is going to rain than do not forget to carry a rain cover for your equipment. Most of the equipment is electronic items and they can get damaged due to water. Sometimes you might also face downpours due to the mountains. That is why it is necessary to have a rain cover for your backpack as well as the equipment.

Organization and preparation

Be prepared and organized which includes having a rough idea of where you are going to. Know the environment you and your gear are getting yourself exposed to. Additionally what you can do is jot down all the serial numbers, brand, and makers of the equipment and store it in a document. Store this document online as well as offline. This will help find them in case of an emergency. As a part of the organization, if you are going somewhere with a purpose of research than keep your name, address, and the contact information for the authorized dealers of the gears in the place you are visiting. Being prepared with this will help you save your time especially in the times when you are traveling without a proper internet connection.

Keep the choices of your equipment based on the activities you have planned for the day. For example, if you are going for the photoshoot than keep your camera ready while packing your other equipment in the hotel room. This will keep your packing light and avoid unnecessary burden.

Do not check inexpensive equipment

If you are traveling somewhere with a piece of equipment, keep the expensive ones with you. Do not put this equipment in the check-in bag. If you do put up your expensive equipment in the bag then there are chances that it may get stolen or lost. Further, there have been incidents of suitcases being broken and luggage being booze-soaked. Thus, keeping the expensive ones with you will avoid such circumstances.

Manage the bag space

5 tips to flying with your equipment

Source: pxhere

Airlines are reducing the baggage allowance every year. Thus, it puts a strain on everyone who has to carry the equipment while traveling. One of the ways to get around this is to carry some of your equipment in your hand while traveling. For example, if you are taking a camera with you then just wear your camera around your neck and take some extra batteries with you in your back pocket. This will allow you the space for other camera-related equipment that you need to carry on your trip.

Also to manage the space in your gun bags you can use clothes as extra padding. This will help you manage every square inch of space you have available in your bag. This will come in handy especially when you carry large camera equipment. Additionally, clothes can also absorb the impacts. This will be helpful when some of the equipment is heavy and delicate. Small items like underwear and socks can be an ideal choice for these type of paddings.

Protect the batteries

For most of the electronic equipment, the battery is the main part. Thus it becomes very important to protect your batteries so that you can use it whenever it is required. If you are taking a camera with you than it is considered good practice to keep the battery out of the camera and store it in a safe place. If you are traveling with multiple batteries than keep them in a bag where do not come in contact with any other batteries or metals. Do make sure that you are carrying a protective case when you are carrying the batteries separately. If you are drones than you need to carry Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Thus, make sure you use a LiPo safe bag to prevent any damage due to fire as the batteries do become volatile while flying. You can also check out the airline policies for such things.

Follow these tips so that you can travel safely. Enjoy your trip while carrying the equipment with you. In the end, it’s all about the fun and getting the best out of the place. These tips will help you make your traveling smooth.


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