Disc golf is gaining a lot of popularity because it is easy and fun. Disc golf tournaments are organized on many different levels to encourage the growth of the game. From the disc golf baskets to the discs, everything has to be perfect for a perfect game. You need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically.

Disc golf tournaments are fun. If you have decided to participate in a tournament, you must be as well prepared as possible so that you can have a memorable game. Let’s take a glance at the things that must never be overlooked when you are participating in a disc golf tournament.

     1. Carrying a Chair or Stool

You might have had harsh practice sessions that kept you standing for hours while waiting for your turn during your practice rounds. But in a tournament, you will have to go through a lot of standing around. Many players choose to use that time to sit and save legs for their turn. If you do so, your legs will have more capacity to stand while you putt later in the round. Carry a chair or stool that is the right size to give comfort and rest to your legs.

     2. Breakfast

For a good reason, people call breakfast the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast is the primary source of energy during the tournament. You better have a proper breakfast if you don’t want to feel low on energy while playing. Stay away from granola bars because they won’t keep you energetic for the whole day.

     3. Mid-Round Snacks

The tournament rounds mean 2-4 hours of thinking, walking, and throwing discs. During the whole process, your body loses a great amount of energy and you need to replace the energy that your body has exerted. To do so you should pack some healthy snacks that are rich in sugars, protein, and carbohydrates.

Participating in a Disc Golf Tournament: What You Must Never Overlook     

     4. Hydration

You must avoid dehydration as much as you can. If you feel dehydrated during a round, you actually are. You must always keep water with you so that you can sip it in-between the rounds and don’t let your body feel dehydrated. Along with water, you must also consider taking sports drinks. But keep in mind not to take only sports drinks. Water is a must for your body.

     5. Sunscreen

Sunscreen has to do a lot when you are on the course. When in a tournament, your body is directly exposed to the sun and it is your responsibility to protect it, especially your face. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your face for good reasons.

     6. An Extra Pair of Socks

Having a blister can be really harmful to your game. Your socks can become wet because of the morning grass, sweat, humidity, rain, and other possible reasons. And if you are thinking of playing multiple rounds in the same clothes, that might be a mistake. Your feet have an important role to play in your game and you must do every possible thing to protect them.

     7. A Towel

Almost all players have disc golf towels. But there are many too, who forget to bring the towels with them on the tournament day. The towels play many important roles during a tournament other than drying off the wet discs. You can use towels for your sweaty hands and protect your head and neck from the direct sun. You can wet them and keep on your neck for a cooling effect. The best part is that they are versatile yet don’t take much space in your bag.

     8. Preparation Planning Sheet

You can keep a 3×5 card in your bag to keep tips and comments handy whenever you need them. From disc selection to how you will throw it, a course prep sheet can help you tons. You can prepare notes of the key things that you want to keep in mind while the game is on.

You might have never thought of the importance of these things ever before. But these are really important. You can never go wrong with your preparations if you want to have a memorable disc golf tournament.