5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Shaver

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Electric Shavers have made life easy for man unlike a typical hand razor which indeed gives you a clean shave but fails when it comes to speed and convenience. Apart from speed an electric shaver provides a ton of useful features like multiple shaving heads, chilling heads, sonic vibration, and shaving sensors. The shaving sensors will determine the beard density for individual user and set the strength of the shaver accordingly therefore making it possible to shave all kinds of hair.

There are a few things to consider before buying an electric shaver in order to make a perfect selection.

Rotary or Foil

Electric Shavers divides into two main types, both these types serves the same purpose but are slightly different in accordance to their making.

  • Rotary Shavers: The first type that is rotary shavers is for tough skin types, and with a medium to coarse beard density. These shavers consist of the round heads with rotating circular cutters that work to conform your face therefore providing a close and clean shave. Also there is a guard that protects the skin from the blades.
  • Foil Shavers: If you are a guy that has straight and short hair the perfect choice for you would be foil shaver. The foil shaver is made of a curved thin metal foil that is wrapped around a bunch of cutting blades. The thin foil lifts the hair and hair makes its way into the holes that are in the foil. The cutter block techniques from side to side and cuts hair. There are some foil razor that contains spring loaded heads but these foil shavers a bit louder than an ordinary fail shaver.


The Cost

Buying a perfect shaver doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money although spending a little more is sometimes beneficial but not always. One should consider their budget while buying an electric shaver, Also there are some other things to be considered that includes the initial price, longevity of the shaver, lubricants and replacement blades.

LED Interface

LED interface is not a necessity in electric shavers but sometimes it proves to be very beneficial in an electric shaver because it tells you the status of the shaver and battery status at any point of time. But keep in mind that an LED interface would surely increase the cost of a shaver.

Battery life Span

While buying an electric shaver you may come across two kinds of shavers, One kind would be with a cord that directly plugs into electricity switch and don’t have any battery while the second kind is cordless and comes with a charger and battery. If you choose to buy the second kind of shaver you need to consider two things that are: How long will it take to fully charge the battery of the shaver and for how much longer the shaver will be working after fully charging. If a shaver takes little time to charge and takes longer to discharge it means the shaver is good for its battery’s life span.


Last but not the least a warranty gives you the coverage included with the electric shaver. The warranty of an electric shaver comes in handy whenever a fault occurs in your shaver, If a company gives warranty with the shaver they may get your shaver fixed or replaced depending on their policies. If you choose an electric shaver with no warranty you have to get it fixed or replaced yourself in which case you have to spend some extra money. If you choose to buy a shaver with a warranty make sure to choose the one with the longest warranty.

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