6 Major Technologies in Supply Chain & Logistics

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Logistics today is the foundation of almost every industry like retail, hospitality, FMCG, healthcare servicesand of course ecommerce. Organisations across the world are thus adjusting their operational procedures in accordance to the latest technology and trends in the logistics especially the coming of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotics and Algorithm.

Customers nowadays value businesses that offer transparency as a whole which allow them to view status of their purchases almost immediately after placing the order; we’re talking about ecommerce here. But before finalising the order and making purchase, there’s innovation and the element of appeal which stimulate them to move forward.

Considering all this, logistic ventures nowadays have become extraordinarily profitable as a result of technological transformation as part of the process. Let’s dig into the impact of technology on the logistics in the present day and see how it moves the entire industry.

  1. Choice in Delivery

In case consumers have lack of choices or they’re either ineffective for the ecommerce platform, they’ll probably move for a better alternative in the logistics. The trend of providing choices in delivery heightened in 2018 and ecommerce companies which accepted the trend for the better can easily distinguish themselves among the competitors. Today, the only chance of winning is to come up with something different and admirable by the user.

  1. Automation

Industry automation has surely enhanced overall efficiency in the logistics with Amazon setting an example by delivering to customers via drones thus significantly reducing total delivery time and cost. Appropriate implementation and use of such an automated technology can surely improve security and effectiveness while reducing risk and cost to a certain extent.

  1. Robotics

Unlike automated technology or taking on human employment, robots are here to help us perform many different tasks at a time in a perfect and seamless manner. Inclusion of robots is a major part of logistics and supply chain solutions to ensure smooth operations especially when it comes to online corporate tasks which require a certain elevation in terms of speed, accuracy and productivity.

  1. Autonomous Transports

Autonomous or self-driving transport emerged recently however gaining momentum due tounavoidable benefits. Although the technology is still in its infancy, we’re likely to see it as a major part of trade, shipping and logistics in coming years for which it’s designed originally. The evolution of autonomous or self-driving transport however isn’t as quick and impactful as robots in logistics. To keep up with the trend, many different organisations are competing at their best to provide driverless vehicles for delivering goods and services.

  1. Enhanced GPS Tech

Advanced GPS promises extensive features and capacities to be utilised in real-time in sectors like fuel tax, geo-fencing, traffic information, route streamlining and monitoring total driver’s hours. Responsible organisations this way can track the maintenance essentials of the vehicles and receive notifications in real-time whenever the motor produces some trouble. That said, the technology would let you know if the driver’s moving at a normal speed, applying the brakes or literally burning the road.

  1. Social Media Channels

Social media is all the rage nowadays even when it comes to industries like shipping and logistics. The true potential of social media platforms can be seen as they streamline logistics and likewise services as one whole. No doubt, it’s becoming simplest and one of the most productive means for companies to connect with potential consumers, share news and valuable business insights, win new customers and so on.

In The End…

Regardless of transporting the items by air, land, sea or combination of each, technological transformation and advancement is at the core of everything. To survive, compete and improve, it’s essential to keep up with modern technology and innovation.

Logistics industry around the world has seen immense technological growth and transformation for the better which holds true especially when it comes to trade, shipping and logistics. If yours is the same industry, be sure to pay attention to the change and latest industry tech.

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