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The ingredients to many vitamins for hair can read like a standard multivitamin. But the best vitamins for hair will have many differences that are meant to really help hair grow. Here are some of the primary vitamins and nutrients found in fast hair growth vitamins:

Biotin (Vitamin H)

This an important vitamin for hair as it promotes a healthy metabolism and cell growth. It also has a big role with regards to healthy skin and hair.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

Does all kinds of great things for the hair, including preventing graying hair. It is included in the best vitamins for hair almost all the time.

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

You see this in a lot of the best vitamins for hair as it is required for healthy cell growth. Plus it can greatly help the overall appearance and condition of the hair.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

If you’ve ever heard that prenatal vitamins make good vitamins for hair, it largely due to the fact that they contain a lot of vitamin E. It contributes to the hair’s health by making it look shiny and silky.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Included in the ingredients for many of the best vitamins for hair. Vitamin B2 works as a catalyst for cell growth all over the body. It is required for healthy cell function.Vitamins for Hair

Also included in all the best vitamins for hair is protein (amino acids). The reason for this is because the hair is made of a special protein called keratin. If you check the supplement facts list on a bottle of vitamins for hair you are likely to see a long list of items that start with “l -” like l-cysteine for example. These are the individual proteins that make an amino acid string.

Obviously protein is essential for building cells, just look at how much your typical body builder eats! And you get protein through your diet certainly. But if you give the body more than enough to make healthy cells, you will insure that it will generate the maximum healthy hair growth!

Bear in mind that many of the nutrients listed here can be found in your diet. However, maybe not in the proper amounts to get your hair to grow at its fastest rate. For that try the best vitamins for hair.

A Faster Growing Hair Guarantee

Is there anything out there that can guarantee you faster growing hair? You’ll notice a lot of faster hair growth vitamins actually provide a risk free guarantee to buyers for a certain number of days after purchase. This is so that if the customer is not happy with the product after using it consistently for a reasonable amount of time they can return it.

The main thing to realize is that faster growing hair doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not uncommon for it to take between 2-3 months before you experience accelerated hair growth. The reason being hair grows very slowly even when it’s growing quickly! It will generally take up to 30 days before there is any kind of noticeable faster growing hair.

A more immediate and thus more noticeable difference that serves as a precursor to faster growing hair would be faster finger nail growth and clearer healthy looking skin. This is because a lot of the nutrients found in faster hair growth vitamins favorably effect the nails and skin as well. So if you notice these things while using hair vitamins, you are well on your way to faster growing hair.

And what kind of faster growing hair results can reasonably be guaranteed? At best, you can reasonably see double the average person’s hair growth rate of 1/2 inch per month. So, that means 1 inch of hair growth in a month is generally going to be faster growing hair.

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