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Danger Social Media Networks for Kids & Teens & How to Protect Them

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The social media has grabbed an important place in the lives of teens and tweens of the digital age. The studies confirm the social media obsession of teens by highlighting their usage of Facebook and many other social networking platforms. Our kids spend around nine hours a day using online socializing sites where they are likely to expose to several potential dangers. From cyberbullying and online child predation to sexting and age-inappropriate explicit content, there are several dangers prevailing in the online world. This article discusses the most dangerous social media networks that kids should not be allowed to use without supervision. We have also discussed here the best possible way to protect kids from the dangers of these social networks.


Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform having billions of active users. The social networking site allows users to post and share photos, videos, text, links, events or whatever they want. The platform is being used by bullies, predators and scammers who exploit teens for sexual or monetary purpose.


Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing platform having millions of users and photos posted every day. The site is not intended for tweens but it is being used by many underage children. Millions of Instagrammers have become victim of cyberbulling and bodyshaming. Those who have public profiles on Instagram are more likely to receive embarrassing comments on their photos and videos posted.


Snapchat is an emerging social media network which has gained huge popularity within short period of time. The most prominent features of the application are self-deleted messages and photo filters. The user can enhance the beauty of their photos and share them online. Also, the app lets you exchange short videos and text. Whatever you send via Snapchat gets automatically deleted seconds after being viewed by the receiver.


Tinder is a dating social media app that is being used for one-night-stand. The sex offenders take advantage of this platform to find and trap teenagers. There is no way to verify the information provided by Tinder users which means the app makes you date a person without knowing enough about him.


Kik is considered the most unsecure social media application for teens and tweens. It allows users to communicate with the people across the world keeping their identities hidden. Using the app, you can exchange text, photos, videos and make audio and video calls. Like many other social media networks, Kik is also being used by scammers, sex offenders, bullies and predators.

How to Protect Teens from Social Media Dangers

Parents can protect children from the potential dangers of the social media by using the social media Ogymogy monitoring app. Once you install the monitoring app on the smartphone of your kids, you can monitor almost every activity performed on the dangerous social media networks. You can read your kids’ online chats; see posts and shared media; track friends-list and record all other social media activities.

The most advanced monitoring app like OgyMogy allows tracking Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Line, Hike, Hangout, IMO, Viber, Vine, Tumblr, Telegram, Yahoo messenger and many other social messengers. Using the tracking app, you can monitor social media activities of your children and protect them from the potential dangers.

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