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What Is The Best Gift For An Indian Senior Mom

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Age is not constant and the number changes every year. A few years back your mom was so energetic she never hesitated in doing any work. Moreover, she loved going shopping every other day. But now she has reached 67 and does not have that much enthusiasm she used to have before. Therefore this year you planned to celebrate the mother’s day at home. Thus for a successful mother’s day party, we will give you tips on some of the best gifts that you need to have for your senior mom.

  1. Yellow Health – You always want your mother to stay sound and healthy. That is why on this Mother’s day you picked a gift something which would be healthy but at the same time would make her look refreshed as well. The gift you got is a bunch of 10 vibrant yellow roses. Along with that the basket of 4 kg of fresh fruits which has all kinds likes grapes, apples, oranges, chickoo etc. it is a healthy collection of fruits. Your mom will hundred percent like the gift.
  2. Mango Delight – Your mom is an avid lover of mango. No matter whichever season it is she loves having mangoes. The juicy fruity mango is something she likes to have always and ever. Thus to surprise her in her 61st birthday you thought of presenting her a mango flavored cake. It is a half kg cake with a full yellow colored mango coating on top and the layer of whipped cream surrounding it is something you will love. In addition to that, the chocolate stick really makes it amazingly delightful. Thus decorate the table and place this on the center. And take your mom to celebrate her birthday with this cake.
  3. Good Health – Your mom is the most special person in your life. As from your childhood, she has been so vigilant towards your health. Whenever you felt sick she was there besides to take care of you. Therefore it is your turn to say your mom that you too care for her. That is why you searched for a complete gift that should be healthier so you picked a combo of 400g Dabur honey, 2 pros biotic Yakult, 100g sunflower seeds from Jewel Farmer, 500g Tang tropical cocktail, 200 ML coconut water from Cocojal. And all these are arranged perfectly in a cane basket. Remember that each of the mentioned products assures good health to your mom. In fact, this will support her the most at this age.
  4. Two Story Cake – In your childhood, you have always seen that your mother used to bake a cake at home. In fact, she baked the best fruit cake for your birthday. But this year your mother will turn sixty-five. You are excited and thought to celebrate her birthday with a cake because your mother is very much fond of having cakes. Therefore this time you got the two-tier chocolate cake from the reputed online gift shop. You chose a 3 kg cake in chocolate flavor with icing. But you can customize the same in other flavors like pineapple, butterscotch, and black forest. Undoubtedly, your mom will hug you because you had given back her best delicious cake.
  5. Ravished Buddha – Your mom is very calm by nature. In your childhood days, when you were being too naughty she never beat you. It is because she loves serenity. So you planned to gift a statue of 9 inch Buddha in a sitting posture as a symbol of peace and tranquillity. This will allow the positivity flow to your house. And your mother will surely love that.

Thus, these are the traditional mother’s day gifts, which you can get from the gift basket delivery today.

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