Do you want to buy a  top loading washing machine for your elder family members who stay in the village? To be honest, it is a nice decision. The other type, front-loading models, are also good washing machines, but you have to bend your knees to fill the clothes. And for elders who suffer from mobility problems, it is a hard task. Yes, you can have the best model in India, but you need to know the tips on how to pick the best top loading washing machines of 2019.

Why Should You Exercise Caution?

There are many features which contain fancy names. You may be given tempting assurances by the executive to purchase the appliance. To buy the best model suitable to the concerned family, ensure you know their requirements. There is no point in buying a top loading washing machine which contains a hundred features, but they are of little use to the family members. In this article on how to pick the best top loading washing machines of 2019, we have given information on some models. Reading the article will give an exact idea of the model and help you make the best decision.

How To Pick The Best Top Load Washing Machines of 2019

First, let us know how a top loading washing machine works. So, in this appliance, you have the two components named as the mechanical system (first) and the next is the control system.

Components of Control System

  • Pressure switch
  • Control boards
  • Water Temperature selector
  • Timer
  • Lid switch/locking switch


Components of Mechanical System

  • Inner and outer wash tubs
  • Water valve
  • Pumps
  • Motor
  • Agitator
  • Transmission
  • Suspension system
  • Clutch


Do you know that the top loading washing machine comes in two types of models?

They are mentioned below –

  • Standard top load washing machine
  • High-efficiency top load washing machine


How Does A Top Loading Washing Machine Work?

The top load model is not very different from the front load model. In fact, this model also has the drum which can easily rotate on a horizontal pattern. The only difference is that this model does not have a front door. But it has a top load lid which you can lift to fill the load.

Similar to a front load washing machine, the top load model can also spin, and complete the job. But in case of a high-efficiency top load model, the water consumption is low.

In a normal or standard top loading model, the outer tub has to be filled with water. This is mandatory when you select the type of cycle, load size, and water temperature. So, the water with detergent can completely cover the clothes, and they remain floating in the basket. For removal of dirt, the agitator keeps the clothes and water in constant motion.

In the case of the high-efficiency top loading washing machine, you need just forty percent of water. You need not to cover the clothes with water. In the process of the washing cycle, the clothes are pulled into the water by the agitator. But in both the models, you get the best quality wash.

Benefits of Top Load Washing Machines

When it comes to the price factor, then this model is cheaper than the front load models. Even the top manufacturers of front-loading washing machines have switched over to top loading washing machines.

As per home improvement experts, the top loading washing machines are more reliable. In the front load models, you can face issues such as mold build-up and mildew. And the front models need only special detergents. A top loading washing machine does not need a special detergent.

How To Pick The Best Top Loading Washing machines of 2019

So what should you look for in a top load washing machine model?


1. Capacity

You need to check the size of the tub. Also, check the number of family members. How many clothes or load can be done in one cycle? As you know, the capacity of the drum varies from four to ten kg.


2. Material Of Washtub

There were/are models where the tubs are composed of plastic, stainless steel or porcelain. Now, the stainless steel tub is expensive, but it enhances the longevity of the appliance.

Do you have any idea about the washing programs? Usually, they belong to the three types.

Rinsing, spinning as well as washing. You need to select the cycle as per the fabric. Of course, you can preset the temperature, water level as well as spin options in the wash programs. The alteration or modification can be done in the touchpad, touchscreen, jog dial or remote control.

3. Space

It is mandatory that you check not only space but also the dimension of the appliance before making the purchase.

4. Energy Efficiency

Every manufacturer of home appliances has made it a point to design a new version that consumes less water and electricity. Also, check the features. There are some models which can work with the same quality even in times of voltage fluctuations.

Enough of other information. Now let us go straight into the information on top loading washing machines of 2019.


A. Top Loading Washing Machine – Haier 5.8 kg HWM58-020

Some Features

  • Fully automatic model
  • Six wash programs – pre-wash, cotton, spin, rinse, daily wash and two more
  • It has a single drum for washing and drying of clothes
  • Quadra Flow Pulsator – It prevents the untangling of clothes
  • Quick Wash Function – This feature ensures that the clothes get washed in quick time without using too much water


B. IFB Fully-Automatic TL- SCH 8.5

Some best features of this Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Known to pamper clothes (any type) and can remove even the rough/tough stains
  • Aqua Spa Therapy – The clothes are completely made clean, and come out fresh
  • 4D wash system – The clothes are fully immersed in water and complete dissolving of detergent
  • Tiradic Pulsator – The soft scrub pads can remove even the tough stains
  • Autobalance system – Ensures that the unbalanced/uncleaned clothes get detected and cleaned by this feature.


C. LG – F4J8JSP2S – Smart front loading washing machine


Some Best Features

  • The model is specially designed to give less vibration and noise
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty (for motor and some parts)
  • 6 Motion DD – Because of this feature, the wash drum moves in many directions. So, the fabrics get proper care. The clothes are removed from the stubborn dirt.
  • Allergy Care – The allergens from clothes get removed by temperature control.
  • Stream Refresh – Within minutes of the wash process, you get the less wrinkled, odorless cloth.


D. Whirlpool Model – Supreme Care 9014 Front Loading Washing machine (9 kg)

Some Best Features

  • 6th Sense SoftMove Technology – This feature can sense your load. Next, it can adjust the drum rotation speed. In turn, the movements of the drum become organized to give the best quality washing performance.
  • Infinite Care Drum – It is in the drum, that the clothes can either get washed to the maximum or get damaged. This drum has been designed as per a new model. The holes have been made smaller so that the fibers do not get stuck during the washing activity.
  • A+++ Energy Rating – This model gives the best dirt removing experience, at the same time, concentrating on less consumption of energy.
  • Near Zero Vibration – The model can reach a speed of 1400 RPM.
  • But the model has been designed with special features of less vibration and minimum noise.
  • Feather Touch – Control Panel – The touch panel just needs the tip of your fingers to carry out the activities. Yes, you can set modifications for various types of clothes. The advantage of this machine is that it can give the details of your last wash. It can even recommend the settings for every type of fabric.
  • FreshCare – There are times when doing multi-tasks, you fail to take away the clothes from the washing machine. With this feature, the washed clothes will not only remain fresh but also dry.

In a similar fashion, you can find several top loading washing machine models which have almost the same kind of features. They are also from reputed brands and are mentioned below –

  • Samsung Model – WW60M206LMA – Front Load Washing Machine (6 kg)
  • Godrej – WF Eon 600 PAE, White – 6 kg –  Front Loading Washing machine
  • BPL – BFAFL65WX1 –  Front Loading Washing machine



We hope that this article on the best top loading washing machines of 2019 has given you enough valuable information. And all the models, we have mentioned are from reputed brands. They have warranties. If you are interested to have each model last their lifetime, then act as per the manual of the manufacturer. Give the device the maintenance service as per the need. Oh, yes, every washing machine will have a warranty, and if the term gets expired, you need to ensure the maintenance d service is still given.

For example, you reside in Pune and have a washing machine for maintenance service. The term for the warranty has ended. Now instead of searching on the internet for the technician of washing machine repair in Pune, you can act smart. It is advisable in these situations to book the best technician from home appliance companies in Pune who provide doorstep repair services. Download the app, schedule the time for maintenance and book the best pro near your home. He will come to your home and fix the device at the most affordable rates.

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