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Jioswitch File sharing – Enjoy Flash Speed File Transfer

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As android and iOS platforms developed so much fast, the old traditional file sharing via Bluetooth and infrared has gone. Now , there are so many apps are available to transfer and share the files, comparatively large size can be transfer in very high speed between smartphones and other devices running on the android, iOS platforms. Here in this post reviewing the best file sharing app launched by Reliance Jio jioswitch where the smartphone users can share and transfer files in secure with high speed.

Jioswitch Performance

All we need to transfer files whether it is small files or large files in very short time and secure. You can trust the Jioswitch app for this. Jioswitch is very fast, secure and reliable file transfer app that only transfer files by authenticating the right device within the wifi surroundings.

Very good rating in google play store 4.5 out of five from thousands of users. The Jio switch is free from noise ads, and can share files without disturbance of advertisements. There are so many competitive apps are there like shareit, xender, Midrop, etc which shows ads during the file sharing which is very annoying.

jioswitch file sharing app

Jioswitch is cross platform supported file sharing app, which means, if your destination devices is running on iOS and you have android smartphone, then there is no any issue while sending between those different smartphones running different operating systems. Just download jioswitch app for the respective platform and start sharing. This wireless but wifi file sharing awesome for the smartphone users, and also supports personal computers where the users need to run the app with the installed android emulators on computer(that have wifi enabled too).

File sizes without limit is another fruitful feature of Jioswitch, because the file sharing speed is almost 100 times faster than the bluetooth file sharing. All the file formats can be share via jioswitch. just select the files and transfer mass amount of files.

Jioswitch allows the user interface to open the received files and apps from there too. If you have just received the app files from android, then the files of apk extension can receive and it it installed behind and can open from jioswitch interface. Jioswitch is very lite weight file sharing app and the apk file size is 5.MB. No need any internet connection while transferring the files between devices.

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How To Share Files Using JioSwitch

As you are a smartphone user, you may have installed and used any other similar app like xender, shareit, midrop etc. Just like that method, jioswithc transfer files between devices.

You have to turn off data while trying to transfer files using Jioswitch. Wifi may be or may not be turn on, at the connection time, the app will itself turn on WiFi.

There are two option to connect and establish connection between device. Send and receive, if one device chose send, and the next will have to chose receive. so when choosing these different options at two devices, then WiFi will be active and the one device will search and will show available devices name, and just select from those list to establish a connection, and from the files list just select and send. You can select multiple files and single files to transfer. The file transfer speed will be notified in the bar. The speed is up to 50mb per second so that there is only few times to transfer files of comparatively large files.

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