No one want just a trimmer that can trim but everyone wants the value that came with trimmer and by that I mean wanting the best trimmer.

Well, brands like Panasonic, Braun, Andis and Wahl have competed over the time for giving the best beard trimmer to its end user but they are beats up by Philip with the introduction of Norelco Beard trimmer with a tiny Vacuum section that sucked up all the hair during trimming. In this article, the details description of Philip Norelco vacuum beard trimmer would be highlighted to give you an idea why it’s the best beard tool for men.

From design to the final performance with all pros and cons, will be provided to assist you.


Small, sleek and handy transparent outlook of the Norelco Vacuum trimmer give the impression of attractiveness to the user. The design sophistication is so much unavoidable that you can’t take a look out of it.

The trimmer is easy to be hold in hand and the blades are smooth enough to easily slide over the beard. The length is 9.6 inches long with 13.9 ounces weight give an easy hold while trimming. The trimmer is narrow at the tip end and when goes down to blades it got thicker. The on and off switch is on top of the trimmer.

The transparency of the body can show the tiny vacuum in the trimmer and show how it work when you start grooming your beard.


Design doesn’t matter if the blades are not outstanding as it should be because it’s the prime function of the trimmer. When it comes to the blades of Norelco, they are the finest ones with the Self-sharpening steel blades which mean you don’t need to sharp the blades as they work, they got self-sharpening.

The blades work fine as they work on lift and trim tech because when you start trimming your beard the blades first lift the hair and align them in position to the blades and the cutting is done by the blades at the end. Blades can easily be detachable and can be washed for next shave, more the blades material are stainless and no need to worry for being wet.

Furthermore, the trimmer came with 3 different comb clippers and 20 different build in length setting for trimming and now you can pick the size as you want to groom your beard.

The blades are sharpened and they metal is so sophisticated that it would never affect your skin like the dull blades.

Battery Life

The trimmer has built-in lithium ion battery that can keep you in a loop for the long time. The battery serves you the time of being connected to cord while grooming you beard.

The battery needs an hour to get full charge and can get along while trimming up-to 1.5 hours constantly. The battery indicator will be shown on the trimmer just right aside the power on off indicator. Now you can use the trimmer cordless for the long time.

Vacuum System

The vacuum system of the trimmer is just behind the blades and the blades have small opening up side to provide a section force for the vacuum to collect hair. Almost every hair can be sucked up into empty chamber between the power button and blades.

The blades can be removed easily and then you can drop off the hair from the trimmer. There is also a cleaning comb in the package to clean the vacuum chamber perfectly. The blades can be washed separately and the metal is stainless which get off the worries from you.


The standard for the performance in best beard beard trimmer should be up-to the mark and after using the Norelco you may hats off for the Philip. The standard is not just based on its look but more importantly based on lift and trim and double sharpening blades.

The blades are so smooth and sharp enough that you won’t feel any plucking of hair and blades are harmless to skin. A perfect trimmer for your grooming. Everything if it related to cleaning or keeping the belonging of the trimmer is provided by the Philip.

The Different trimming length and even the blades for moustaches, everything is covered by Philip and it’s a go on product for you.

There are plenty of other products and trimmers in the market but based on special tech like Vacuum, Norelco was our top pick of the day and based on your preference you can choose what best fits you.