Are you planning to buy a new Apple watch or you already have one? Do you want to make the best out of it in your health and fitness tracking activities? Well, apart from the number of features and built-in tools Apple watch offers its users, there are various applications that people can install in their Apple watch to carry out health exercises and activities in smarter way.

Majority of people who are highly concerned about their health and daily fitness exercises makes use of digital tools to enhance their fitness tracking and health monitoring. There are days when people are too lazy to go to gyms, and they want some accessible tools and smarter ways to perform their daily exercises so that they don’t miss out a day in between. Although professional essay writers on Dissertation Writing UK have written volumes on the importance of doing health related activities on daily basis, this article will help you get know-how of some applications that you can download in your Apple Watch that will help you remain healthy and fit.

Here are 7 best applications on app store that can transform your Apple watch into a personal trainer.


From monitoring the remaining calories to be burnt, to the number of steps you have taken each, the Apple watch’s version of MyFitnessPal will provide you quick stats and daily history. While the iPhone app offers number of useful feature, its wearable counterpart will give you the quick relevant record related to your fitness and health.

In addition to providing the number of steps and tracking the amount of calories, this application will also give you the nutrients you should eat less or more each day. Though the app basic features are for free, if you want to make use of complete features, there are subscription charges of $49.9 per annum.


One of the most efficient and easy-to-use application, Strava is a must have for all the fitness freaks and Apple watch holders out there. With running tracking being the primary objective of the app, it focuses on providing stats like speed, distance, average heart rate, pace, and burnt calories during your run. Furthermore, the app also tracks other activities like gym workouts, swimming, yoga, surfing and rock climbing.


Do you often feel lazy to go to the gym and pick up those heavy weight dumbbells? Do you want you Apple watch to act as your trainer whenever you need? Gymaholic will help you do that. One of the extremely helpful applications offering tracking of more than 360 exercises and training toils, Gymaholic is widely used among the Apple watch holders.

From body weight training to squats, HIIT workout, and many other exercises, Gymaholic is a must-have application for all those who want to get gym experience at home or anywhere they want. Users have to provide their work out details in the app and it will report back with total calories burnt, average heart rate and total number of weights lifted. Even the Write my Dissertation for me have written about the astounding features of this app and how it is useful for Apple watch users who want to remain fit and healthy.

Carrot Fit

Are you an experienced gym visitor? Carrot Fit is one of the best applications for your Apple watch as it will keep the training light yet challenging. The app offers an exercise called “7 minutes in hell” in which you get 30 sec to spend on each of the 12 exercises having a 10sec relaxation break in between.

Since the app is perfect for the experienced and regular gym goers, it also aunts its users through sarcastic comments and nifty sense of humor. Users also get fun rewards that unlock over the period of time as you use this app. So, all the Apple watch owners out there make yourself prepared to stay healthy and fit as this app will offer you challenge set of exercises.


Another useful personal trainer on your Apple watch is Keelo which is specifically designed to provide the users with HIIT workouts plan for those who want to remain strong and healthy. Offering full body workouts on daily basis, the app also features cardio exercise and conditioning training so that none of your body part is deprived.

The app can become an efficient personalized trainer on Apple watch by providing workout history at the end of each program. Though the app is free to use for its basic features, if you want to make the most out of this app, you have to pay the annual subscription of $89.9.


Are you a regular gym goer and you are wanting an application to track your activities and even provide detailed statistics of your daily routine? Well, Workouts++ will be an ideal application for your Apple watch. Specifically designed to track your performance over a longer duration, it isn’t for beginners or those who want to get each and every detail on how to do a particular workout. The application also provides a customizable display for your Apple watch so that you will see only the relevant data. Since it is completely free to use, anyone can make the most out of its features by downloading it in their Apple watch.


Are you a passionate runner and you are looking for an efficient application to track your running statistics? MapMyRyun will help you track the stats like speed, heart rate, distance and pace. Apart from these, the app also offers in-depth breakdowns of split times and the number of miles your shoes will cover in days to come.

If you want to use specialist training plans and obtain heart rate zone analysis to check of your giving your best, you can acquire a monthly subscription of $5.99 and a yearly subscription of         $29.99.

Make the most of these helpful applications by downloading them on your Apple watch and use its smart features to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.