Clothing Hacks

Clothing Hacks That Will Save You a Lot of Money

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Instead of going for shopping all the time, you can use different clothing hacks to save your money and time. Daily shopping can be hectic very often. As a replacement for clothing at the first sign of wear and tear you should always be aware of certain clothing hacks to keep your cloths fresh, new and fixed.

Use of razor for cleaning cloths.

Your jeans or denim shirt or pants need cleaning through razor brushing. It will automatically turn out to be a brand new one, free from all the dust and small wool particles. Man who wears print or plain onesie pants faces this problem to a large extent.  Dust particles are usually attached to these types of pants after washing them.

Know some sewing

Knowing sewing is also an important clothing hack which is used quite often. You can use thread and needle for sewing of button or a broken zipper or sometimes a broken buckle. Men’s onesie usually consists of zippers and buttons which can be broken quite frequently. To avoid wasting time on finding someone who can repair your onesie or hoodie, you should learn how to sew.  Instead of going to tailors or buying another hoodie you must save money, through sewing.

Tie preparation

There is a trick for those who dress in a tie. They can wear a single tie in many ways instead of buying ties and pile up your wardrobe from different style of ties.  You can wear tie in a Shell knot style, Windsor style or Half Windsor style. This hack will help you to save your money.

Get hold of a straightener

Do use a straightener while pressing or ironing the collar. It is the best way to iron it instead of using the whole big iron. But be careful while using the straightener because it may get you or your cloths burn. So handle it with care.

Fixing a zipper

Clothing hacks that you can learn to save yourself from buying other zippers or discarding your new pants because of faulty zippers. Always keep with you a candle wax, crayons, a pencil or a nail polish. You can learn how to use them by watching tutorials on YouTube. Learn the method and then apply the same on your cloths to save your money. Mens onesies can be easily repaired through this clothing hack.

Removal of makeup stains from a shirt

You can remove makeup stains from your shirt or dress by rubbing them with shaving foam. Your colleague or your friend may have got the makeup stains got on your shirt. So cleaning makeup stain shirts or cloths is not a problem anymore. Just pick up your shaving foam and gradually wash it with the foam to get better results.

Lost a hoodie string?

There is always a way out, to how to get yourself out from the problematic situation. Losing a string of hoodie is also one of the basic problem people faces. So if you want to prevent this thing than do tie up your hoodie string to a straw. This will eventually hinders the way of string to go inside the collar or a cap. A small portion of the straw will be good enough to perform the action.

Stains on leather

One of the most interesting clothing hacks is to learn to remove stains from a leather bag, or jackets or pants. Leather stuff is quite expensive so you cannot buy it again and again. Repairing of leather clothing is also very difficult due to its rear stuff. So you can wash up the leather stains by using two things a window cleaning spray and a wipe.

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