Gas Leak

Common Sign and Symptoms- How To Recognize a Gas Leak

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Do you use natural gas in your Home? If yes, then surely you will need to know about the common symptoms of a gas leak. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel in today’s world. We all use natural gas in our daily life. more than 50 million houses have a connection of natural gas. Unfortunately, More than 40 people die every year due to gas leakage.

In many cases, people didn’t know about the symptoms to save their lives. It is mandatory for businesses to get a business gas safety certificate to ensure the protection of their employees.  To recognize a gas leak you should know the common symptoms of gas leaks that include

Turning The Grass Colour From Green To Brown

The natural gas contains carbon mono oxide which can rapidly turn the shrubs and grass into brown or rusty colour. This happens due to the absence of oxygen which is necessary for grass to survive. In this situation, you need to stay away from that area and immediately call the natural gas company.

Smell Like Rotten Egg Or Sulfur

Natural gas is odourless which means they don’t have any smell. Sulfur or rotten egg smell is added into the natural gas for the recognition of the gas. You will smell the rotten egg or sulfur when there is a gas leakage in the house. Sometimes, the sound of hissing could also be heard inside the wall which is due to the leakage of gas pipeline.

Absence Of Blue Flame

The absence of blue flame in gas appliances clearly means that there is gas leakage. The orange and yellow flame will make you determine the gas leakage somewhere in the gas appliance. It is highly advised to keep out of that area and cut off the gas supply.

Physical Symptoms

Natural gas is a harmful gas for the human body. It will not only harm the human body but will also set fire across the area. The poisonous gas will remove the oxygen from your body and mono dioxide will start to cover your lungs.  In starting you will feel

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dizziness

The exposure of carbon monoxide can be too deadly. You will not last long. Although, You will have a few minutes before getting into a more worse situation. Call a rescue service and get out of that area first.

Houseplant Death

Just like the grass and shrubs the plant also dies.  If you find the dead plants inside or near the gas pipeline of your home it clearly means that something is wrong within your gas pipeline. Call the gas line providers immediately and cut out the main gas meter for precautions.

What To Do If a Gas Leak Is Suspected

You don’t need to get panic or create a hectic situation. Be smart and don’t do the following things

  • Use of any electrical or gas appliance
  • Don’t use your phone
  • Lit a flame/matchbox/candle
  • Attempt to solve the problem on your own
  • Staying in the house until the rescue services arrive

These things are strictly prohibited to do when you felt a gas leakage. By implementing on these you will not only be able to save your own life but will also be a helping hand for others.

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