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Difference Between Economic and Law Essay Writing

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Both these fields (law & economics) have influences on each other. Legal policy and by extension, the law has a significant impact on the economy. On the other hand, one can use economics to help clarify many legal problems.

However, there are distinct differences between law essay writing and economics. Even so, an academic essay gives you the opportunity to provide more extended arguments that are a tad complex, on a particular subject matter.

Writing a Law or Economics Essay

In every professional writing, it’s paramount to ensure a flow of ideas. From sentences to paragraphs. You also need to explain your reasoning as you justify your arguments.

Remember to follow your explanations with evidence, too. It adds to the credibility of your arguments. In writing academic papers, there’s an emphasis on the originality of the material.

That means, your insight and personal arguments are what makes the essay stand out. When it comes to structure all articles follow the:



Conclusion format

Always develop an exciting title for your piece. One that will compel the reader to go through more of the content. It’s what piques the interest of the audience.

Before you put your ideas on paper, read and understand the essay question. It will guide your research and answer. To ensure you submit a quality paper, and what is expected from you.

Differences in Essay Writing

Type of Paper

Each field has a different kind of paper depending on the essay question. In a criminal law essay or customs law essay, you may have to address a law theory question. It’s where you evaluate both sides of an argument.

That could be one on legal reform which requires you to assess the pros and cons of a particular law. Either way, you need to pay attention to the wording of the essay question.

Economics essays also come in different forms. A literature survey requires you to discuss and synthesize published work on a specific topic. If it’s an empirical paper, you need to address an economic issue and use data to answer the research question.

Purpose of the Introduction

The role of the Introduction varies slightly in law and economic essays. In the latter, you state the research question and why you chose it for your paper. Then you give an outline of the sections that will follow.

In a law essay, you go further and provide the reader with a taste of what your answer will be. It becomes generalized as you highlight the area of law that you are focusing on and how you will provide the solution.

Presentation of Evidence

Presenting supporting evidence for your arguments will vary in both papers. You will need to build your writing on a specified economic model/ theory. In the details, you get to demonstrate your knowledge of this.

Whereas, one needs to provide a legal basis for all their arguments in a law essay. In that, you use a relevant proposition of law, to back your arguments. That is, where applicable.

Throughout the material, you need to adopt a legal analysis of the points you make. Ensure that you highlight the right law and that you understand it fully, too.

When it’s all said and done on Economics and Law Essay Writing

Each essay requires submission of a grammatically correct paper. Ensure that you produce original work. That means, there should be no instances of plagiarism.

Check the flow of your ideas. They should connect and flow logically from start to finish. Whatever essay you need to create, ensure that you stick to the guidelines that apply in each field.

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