How to deliver a surprise gift for my friend in Chennai

How To Deliver A Surprise Gift For My Friend

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There is nothing significant and special than spending time with your friends. It lets you chill and unwind for a couple of hours that again keeps you refreshed and energetic for long. But the fact that you should admit that these days you don’t get that much time to spend with your friends which are why you have jotted down few gift ideas that you want to send to group friend through same day delivery gifts in India. But you can check out some gifting ideas as a surprise as well.

  • Take Her Out: The best thing that you can always do is take your friend out. Just ask her to take an off from her office but don’t disclose anything about your plan. And in the meantime, you book a seat in the hotel from beforehand. Just have a sumptuous lunch together. In the midst of the beautiful conversation just hand her the beautiful bouquet of red roses. Indeed she will understand how preciously you have organized the gift.
  • Useful Beauty Gift: All of a sudden you met your olden friend from school. After that, you planned to gift her something which you don’t want to tell from before. As you know her from school she was very conscious of her skin. So you planned to call her randomly to your place and gift her spa gift that you brought for her. But you thought that you will tell her to unbox the gift at her home only. Although your spa gift contains all required items that a woman needs on a daily basis. As it has everything like skin lotion, body wash from the spa brand Khadi. In addition to this, it has two towels with aromatic candles.
  • Photo Album: Your friend has come to your home town after so many days. So you all friends together planned a get together at a restaurant. But in the meantime, you planned it differently to make this meeting a memorable one so you picked personalized photo frame for the friends who are invited. The one you took is an A 4 sized photo frame which looks quite normal when placed on the table. But when lights are turned off the inbuilt led light radiate light on its own. The best about this particular gift is that it has the photo of your friend fixed inside.
  • Favourite Pineapple Cake: Honestly, school friends are friends forever. As you grew up together you come to know so many things about each other. Just like you do about your best friend you knew that pineapple is his favourite fruit and he likes anything having the essence of the pineapple. So you decided to pick a beautifully designed pineapple cake from the online portal. The cake is in styled in a heart shape with slices of pineapple designed on one side as cherry used as a topping on the slices. The best is the colour of the cake, which is an untarnished white colour. This is indeed going to rock your friend as a surprise.
  • Tasty Snacks: People are not the same so does your friend who is a real foodie. And in the evenings she loves to have something as snacks. So you thought to give her a snack basket as a surprise. It is arranged with all types of snacks like the Mango juice from Paper boat, Khatta Meetha from Haldiram, Kurkure, Kaju mixture, and Bourbon biscuit. Along with these, she will also get a chance to enjoy some dry fruits like Pistachio and Cashew nuts as well. Honestly, when she will receive the surprise gift she will be overwhelmed. And the moment she opens it she will definitely feel that heaven is on earth only.
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