Call tracking is a method which is not a new service and most of the people taking advantage of its ability.

It is the process of tracking the smartphone and it is done with the help of emails, landing pages, websites and paid ads, etc.

Nowadays, the digital market is more complex and call tracking is the method from which we can easily run our business.

Call tracking is good and best features for many of the entrepreneur and businessman and for other people this is a scary feature.

Because this feature can negatively impact on the search engines. But some good marketing companies know how to build this feature in the company so that it can’t impact the business negatively.

How It Is Working?

Many of the companies are using a technique which is called Dynamic Number Insertion. In this process snippet of javascript is added in the website or in the landing page.

And by applying this process a call tracking number will be displayed when the visitor sent in your website through the tracked link which is mostly emails and paid ads.

With the help of Dynamic Number Insertion, you can easily keep your both SEO value and the local number. According to Search Engine Journal, Dynamic Number Insertion is a safe way to track the numbers.

Dynamic Number Insertion does not impact NAP and SEO also not harmed. It is a very good way to tracks the call without harming the SEO.

In common language, a ranking of your website will not be harmed in the local search result and you can easily enjoy the benefit of tracking. Now, you can understand that tracking is not Negatively impacting SEO.

Calling Tracking Is Helping You To Collect Information

Call tracking is helping you collect various information for example if someone calls you then call tracking system can track and monitor the incoming calls.

Your tracking system also notes various information such as the time whether this call came, from where the call came, the origin of the call, the length of the call and whether the call was answered or not.

Your tracking system also identifies the information about the caller and find out detail information about certain calls.

How To Set Up The Call Tracking System?

To implement the call tracking system is very much easy and you don’t have to think so much only you have to hire an expert and expert can easily implement the system.

When you set up the tracking system then you have to decide whether you have to send the calls directly to your marketing department or to your office or to a third-party answering system.

When you built a tracking system than you also have to decide which marketing campaign is to be used to tie your number.

What is its Value?

The Value of call tracking is more than the other tracking efforts which totally depend on our business. Call tracking is just like other tracking method and it can be easily measured.

It works very excellently for some organization but not for all of the organisation and no one can say that trackers are foolproof.

Hence, if you compare call tracking with call recording than you can increase your determining chance that what is responsible for your marketing investment.

Price Of Call Tracking With Example

One example is there which can display the price of tracking, imagine that you can’t have any job and you decide to start the Google AdWords campaign.

In the Google AdWord campaign, you have to allow the searchers to directly on the click to call option. With the help of the call extension, you can easily increase your click-through rate.

But if you don’t use the Dynamic Number Insertion then there is a chance to miss the AdWord. When the searchers click your extension then your AdWord account can be tracked.

But it reports data sets such as duration, time, date and area code. When you use the call extension then the calls which come directly from AdWord traffic will be tracked.

It’s Method

When you use the method of Dynamic Number Insertion then you will be able to track the calls which are not coming directly from AdWord traffic.

Since, if searchers can click on Ads to know the price then the tracking number follow them to the website. And this process is known as paid advertising conversation that is previously missed.

With the help of this data, you can easily find out that the paid advertising campaign is effective or not.

It is like to solve the puzzles without having all the pieces. Tracking is not more valuable than services and cookies of call tracking which are stored on the searcher’s computer for 6 days.

Which means that if the searchers visit you again after some days an initial Ad clicks then your tracking number will display and allow you to easily track calls.

How Is It Changing Your Way Of Doing The Business?

Call tracking gives you appropriate data which can determine that your marketing investment is worth it or not.

If you don’t know how your customer searches you than how you can know where you allocate marketing spend. John Wanamaker has said that I am investing money from which half of the amount wasted.

Not only this data but when you paired with call recording and tracking then you can improve your relationship with your customers.

Call recording helps you to listen to the individual calls and find out what is the reason that this interesting prospect is not converting into the customer.

You can use this data to make an improvement in your business marketing strategies. If you are using a laptop or PC and you are facing some problems to capture the screenshots then go to this website This website will help you to capture the screenshots easily and also give you many tips regarding screenshots.

Montgomery Law has implemented the Dynamic Number Insertion call tracking structure and there is a 45% conversation is increases.