What Your Zodiac Sign Says about Your Personal Style

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Did you realize that your zodiac sign just like your identity characteristics can give away a ton about your style sense? From the red hot and feisty Leo to the cool and quiet Aquarius, we have secured them all here.


Feel free to discover how stylish your zodiac sign is.


Obstinate and lazy naturally, for Bulls it’s always comfort over style. Taureans are down to earth and thrifty however they know precisely what to look stylish without compromising on comfort. They are very choosy and take time to settle on a choice, particularly when they need to choose what to wear. In this way, never anticipate that a Taurean should turn up on schedule.


Flexible, confident and creative; Arians realize how to hold their style game within proper limits. Being the flame sign, they are not hesitant to take risks. Splendid and lively colors overwhelm their closet. With regards to creating an impression, Aries can make a normal resemble a million bucks.


The word ‘Mood Swing’ was likely developed for the Geminis, and this identity attribute reflects in their style also. There will be days when they would simply wear plain pants and shirt; and the next day they will wear designer outfit and Stylish Women’s Shoes as if they are going to walk on the red carpet.


The Lions like it classy. They trust in putting resources into costly and lavish brands. No garbage or cheap shopping for them. Much the same as their identity, their style proclamations will never neglect to catch eye. And if you ever attempt to counsel a Leo on style, it’s true that they won’t take it.


The Cancereans have a basic yet rich dressing style. A passionate and nostalgic Cancerean can be regularly observed wearing an old shirt or a vintage watch. It is difficult for Cancereans to give upon things they are vigorously appended to.


We are almost certain the zero size figure and thigh hole prevailing fashions are begun by Librans. They are totally style cognizant yet similarly fun and active. They set out to wear anything from attractive LBDs to simply sweats and tennis shoes, and expertise to offset everything with their appeal.


The perfectionists! Virgos will dependably put their best self forward regardless of whether they are taking a walk. They are extremely sorted out and specific (read OCD) about hygiene. Anticipate that a Virgo should address you on why your fingernails and toenails ought to be color coordinated.


Attractive is the center name of a Scorpion. They are baffling and appealing, and that reflects in their styling as well. Scorpions love to experiment and disrupt all design guidelines like a genius. Their one of a kind style frequently turns into a trend.


Not pestered by the style rules, Capricorns will wear whatever gets their fancy. A Capri stays with the traditional and trusts in keeping it straightforward.


Their style sense is not a huge deal, the free-soul Archer would wear anything which is agreeable and fits well. A Sagittarian would rapidly change a style related exchange to travel or logic.


Classy and refined, this sign can take the style bar to another dimension. However, Aquarians are inclined to sloth and love everything formal. Yet, when they spruce up, they dress to slaughter!


Style rules don’t exist in the lexicon of a Piscean. They give an personal touch to whatever they wear and turn heads wherever they go. Their passion for buying shoes from Flashybox.com can only be understood by another Piscean.

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