4 Amazing Types of Hair Extension Packaging Boxes Your Brand Needs

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Over the past few years, there’s been a tremendous change in the world of fashion. Several innovations and new fashion trends urge beauty brands to manufacture special products, and the competition between brands keeps soaring higher. You will see manufacturers searching for the best ways that can help them come on top and keep their competitors down. A strategy that helps most beauty brands to win at making more sales is creating custom packaging boxes for their products. It’s true, the first thing that people notice about a brand or a product is the packaging, and this pushes them to invest in enticing and alluring packaging.

Today, hair extension packaging plays an important role in terms of marketing. If the buyer finds the packaging convincing, that’s when they would consider buying them. Hair extension boxes are important in the fashion world because they provide your brand with a better face in the pool of other products.

In terms of custom boxes, there are several reasons why you should invest in custom hair extension boxes. The top priority is often the safety of the hair products, securing them from harsh weather conditions, environmental factors or mishandling.

You should always use packaging that should offer quality, style, design, and the best presentation. If you are planning to have custom hair extension packaging, here are the four amazing types you should have for your brand.

Lid Boxes

Lid boxes are a preferred choice for professional use hair extensions, and they allow storing of hair in large quantities. These packaging boxes are bigger in their sizes and sold in complete sets for professional hair specialists or hair experts. These custom hair extension packaging boxes are renowned for their toughness, fancy printing options, and visual appeal. Some of these could be in plain options, which allow the hair extension products to speak for themselves. Most brands choose option today because it lets them establish brand identity and a name in this industry. They are simpler boxes with lids, and they let customers know that they can trust the quality of the hair extensions just at a glance.

Drawer or Pull-Out Boxes

Drawer boxes are perfect for clip-on extensions. These hair extension boxes come with a tray that opens sideways just like a drawer, and it adds an impressive touch. This is not only a sturdy choice but also offers maximum safety to the hair extensions encased within them. They are popular for their attractive look, and once the pull-out section comes out, it reveals the sleek hair extensions lying the boxes gracefully. When you choose a good packaging and printing company, like The Legacy Printing, you can have them in various custom options. Some can be costly, whereas others can prove really cost-effective.

Simple with Windows

Cardboard boxes are simpler packaging options that most brands choose for their products. You can have these in various shapes, and sizes. You could ask the packaging company to add your desired colors on them, have them specially coated, add images, taglines in embossing, de-bossing or spot UV, and more customization options. Some could stay simple with matte or glossy finishes, while others could have a PVC window to add a creative touch to the box.

Long Flap Boxes

These boxes are ideal for hair extensions that have lesser strands. This horizontal box may have two variations like the simple lid box or a drawer. However, another variation could also have an opening on the top. This hair extension packaging box has a thin casing but has enough room to keep strands of hair neatly inside. Brands could have them custom-printed in any way they desire, choose a display cut on the top, or add color schemes of their choice.

These are just a few of the types of hair extension packaging boxes your brand could use. Choose wholesale options from your packaging company today to save more, and ask them more about the customization options they have to help your brand out from others!

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