5 Simple DIYs To Make Your Hoodie Look Classy

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Creative ideas and creative skills have changed the outlook of the person towards the dressing trends. There are multiple DIY hacks which turn your slightly liked hoodies or sweatshirts into something more interesting and classy. Five simple DIY hacks are given below for a classy and stylish look.

1. Hoodie Jean jacket

Interestingly it is the combination of two things, a jeans jacket, and hoodie. The following simple steps will assure you how easy it is to create. Cut the sleeves of the jeans jacket and collar. Cut the sleeves of the hoodie and hoodies head cover carefully. Stich the sleeves and a head cover of the hoodie with the jeans jacket middle portion very carefully. You need to have some idea of stitching for this. This simple steps will turn your boring jeans jacket into a classy and trendy look.

 2. Hand Drawn Pattern On Hoodie

The plain hoodie or sweatshirts are boring to wear especially when you desire to hang out with friends or want to go on some trip. Thus, here is the creative idea to make your hoodie more classy. Simply buy a good paint pen. Check the flow of pen so that when you apply it, it should outflow smoothly. Draw a rough sketch on a paper which design you want to apply on a hoodie. Then draw the same pattern on the hoodie with the paint pen. It will turn your boring and plain hoodie into something classy and stylish. For example; you can make American flag hoodie women on the plain piece.

 3. Dye A Hoodie

This is an interesting idea to dye the hoodie of the color of your choice. You need one white plain hoodie, liquid dye, gallon pot, liquid detergent, plastic table cover, plastic wrap, rubber band, and dye fixative. The simple steps are to mix the liquid dye in gallon pot filled with water, wrap the hoodie with  the rubber band in various molds, dip the hoodie in mixture, keep in there for twenty minutes, after that remove it from mixture, add some detergent and wash it, then add dye fixative so that the hoodie can hold the color for a longer period of time.

4. Lace Fixed Hoodie

Some hoodies are closed collars and need to place via the head. Here is the creative tip to turn a tiresome and packed hoodie into the openable and classy look. Cut the front side from the middle of the hoodie with scissor and past the eyelet round kit with glue and fix it with a hammer. Then have a good stylish lace, and use a creative way to mingle through the eyelet to attach the lace in the holes. It is stylish, new and classy looking hoodie which you will never have seen before.

5. Belt Waist Hoodie

If you have a large blanket type hoodie which rolls over you when you wear it. Then the simple DIY hack will turn is easy wearing for you. Cut the vertical straight from the middle. You do not require to cut out pockets. Simply give a plan cutting from the middle. Attached griping buckles all over the waist. Buy some classical belt of your choice and wrap it from inside the buckles and tie it.

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