Without the bridesmaids, a wedding can never be complete. No wonder, why the wedding fashion is thriving. They guide the bride in every step and they are in every photo. Apart from the bride, all eyes will be on the bridesmaids. Going over the basic tradition, the regular bridesmaid dress must match with the wedding tone or theme. And, it must create a beautiful contrast with the wedding gown as well.

In case your friend has left the huge responsibility of choosing the dress on you; you cannot start crumbling or fumbling under the pressure. It is even your duty to carry out a huge role with panache. Since you and your friends have the freedom to experiment with sequins, don’t overdo it. Rather, go through the following section.

Choose a Simple Cut Dress

Sequins alone can make a big statement. When you are putting on sequin bridesmaid dresses at your friend’s wedding, you are getting ready to steal the spotlight. At this time, a daring neckline may not be the best idea for everyone. Or, everyone may not be very comfortable in the dramatic silhouette. In order to ensure your friends’ comfort, you can choose a simple neckline or hem. The sequins will do the talking and the asymmetrical hem or deep V-neck may be too raunchy.  A short sleeve round neck long gown or a cap sleeve round neck may not be a bad idea.

Don’t Leave Your Jacket at Home

When your friend is all set for her Christmas wedding, can you think of dazzling with an off-shoulder V-neck dress? The struggle is beyond everyone’s imagination. At your rescue, don’t forget to carry your good ol’ jacket. Keep the buttons open and let the sequins brighten your presence. However, don’t make the unforgivable mistake of choosing a sequin dress similar to the dress tone. This will be another blunder down the line of over contrast. For adding a subtle touch in the outfit, you need to combine the colors very carefully. But for the casual look, lend a leather jacket. The short ones balance the elegance quotient ideally.

Pay Attention to Hair Challenge

As you are ready to play along with the sparkly bling sequined gown, focus on your hairstyle carefully. The all-down hairstyles may be too boring to sport. If you are confused to the core, make a messy bun for a clean look. Instead of the all-down with a side braid, you may go with fishtail braids. It is better to add no accessories. For trying out something new, the long or short beach waves are not a bad idea, either. However, if you have Demi Lovato-like bob, you can keep it unkempt with a mousse.

Be Careful about the Shoe Game

If you wear a long gown, nobody can check out your shoes – you couldn’t be more wrong if you have been thinking about this. One pair of shoes can completely change your look. For this very reason, many bridesmaids have been relying on neutral shoe colors. But, it’s time to bring a change. Go with the heels but no boots. Additionally, nothing can break the golden rule of sporting an elegant pair of stilettos.

Don’t Ignore the Accessories

When you are going for a dual-toned dress, consider both colors cautiously. At the time of choosing the accessories, go for the second shade echoing in your dress. Be it yellow, pink, or red, the second color will bring elegance to your whole outfit. But, using an unexpected color may not be an über bad idea. Red is neutral shade when it comes to voguish styles. Hence, don’t be afraid of choosing brown, blue, or gray sequined dress along with red accessories.

If things are not panning out as planned, you can consult with your friends to choose something else. And the rich collection of burgundy bridesmaid dresses is something you cannot ignore.

How to buy a wedding ring

Are you looking for the perfect gothic wedding ring? The process of looking for a wedding ring can be stressful. Everyone wants the right ring to suit their tastes and stand as a reminder of their blissful union. You need to take great care because you may wear the ring for the rest of your life. You can eliminate much of the difficulty of shopping for the right ring by having a unique idea of what you and your partner want. You should know what to look for in quality materials and designs and make sure that your finances are in order.

Come up with an idea of what you want

Before you start looking for a wedding ring, you should know what you are after. Look through catalogues to find a style that matches your personality, price range and aesthetic sensibilities. Before you go to a jewellery store or start searching online, you need to have a basic idea in mind of what kind of ring will do best for you and your spouse. Searching for a wedding ring can be overwhelming if you don’t have any concept of what you want. You should start by doing your homework to save yourself from the headache. Start by visualizing your ideal wedding ring and know what you are picturing.

Have a budget

You cannot start searching for a wedding ring if you don’t have a budget in mind. You should get a sense of what you are able and willing to spend before you start looking for gothic wedding rings online. This can help you eliminate superfluous options from the start. You need to decide whether you will buy a ring outright or finance it. Approximate the amount of money you are willing to spend on the ring and look for rings that fall under that price range. You can create a separate ring fund if possible and save a small amount from every paycheck to go toward buying the ideal ring after finding it.

Narrow down your ring search

You can begin looking for a ring from local jewellers in your area. A small jeweller can help you find the best rings if you don’t have any clue about where to start. Don’t be so broad in your search. Decide whether you want gothic, skull or any other types of rings. Decide the materials you want. The most common material choices are gold, platinum, diamond and precious stones such as sapphires. Once you have narrowed down your search, only visit reputable jewellers. You can use the internet as a tool for previewing the types of rings you are interested in.

Be practical

Find a gothic wedding ring that you will be comfortable to wear every day. It is easy to go for the brightest or the most hyped ring and lose interest in it after a few days. Some materials are known to tarnish so they will need regular polishing to keep them beautiful. Practicality and simplicity should be criteria in your wedding ring search.

Author Bio: Leila McCarthy is an experienced fashion blogger who has published multiple articles on how to deck up with burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Here, she writes about a basic guide to wearing sequin bridesmaid dresses.