For explaining about WordPress backup we firstly need to know about them.WordPress is the most popular way to create your own website or writing a blog. WordPress is the most commonly used site design tool that, it covers over 1/3rd of the total websites on the internet.

Making it more technical we can say that WordPress is an open source content management system licensed under GPLv2, which means that anyone can use it.
The WordPress backup is an important thing that we can do to make our website secure by timely backing up our data. It will help us to recover data in the catastrophic situation like when your site gets hacked or you accidentally locked yourself out.
There are many free WordPress backup plugins that are easily available for direct use.Out of them, we are discussing the top 5 used WordPress backup plugins:-
3.BoldGrid Backup
5.Blog Vault
Now, let’s talk about all these backup plugins in detail:-

UpdraftPlus:-The reason why this name appears first among all these is that it is the most commonly used plugin amongst all the others. It is used by more than two million websites.
Updraft allows you to create a complete backup of your WordPress site and storing it into the cloud of your computer. This plugin supports demand backup as well as scheduled backup.It can automatically upload the backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace, and several other cloud storage platforms.
Updraft also has a Premium version which allows to clone website, database search and replace, multisite support and several other features.
The cost of the premium version is $70.
Review:-This plugin has a star rating of 4.9 out of 5 through its 2 million website users.

Vaultpress:-It is also known as Jetpack backups. Vaultpress was founded by Matt Mullenweg and his team at Automattic.
Initially, it was started as an independent plugin but its a part of Automattic’s product called Jetpack.You need a jetpack subscription plan to use vaultpress. It contains a number of plans in it. Vaultpress plugin offers an automatic cloud backup solution.
This vaultpress plugin has some drawbacks with it.
Firstly, it has a recurring amount that adds up if you have multiple accounts.
Secondly, you have to subscribe for the Jetpack plugin and install the Jetpack plugin for your site.
And lastly, the backups are stored only for 30 days in the lower plan. The price for the jetpack personal plan is $39 yearly.
Review:- Its a part of the popular jetpack plugin which gives good value to money.

BoldGrid backup:-Boldgrid backup is an automated WordPress support and website builder powered by WordPress Backup.It easily allows users to create the backup of your website and protect the data even when the site crashes and even you can use it to move the site during hosting.It also allows creating an automatic backup and manual backup in just one click.
The bold grid backup comes with automatic fault protection which backups data before every update, so that no data can be lost during the update failure.Hence it is a great feature that saves against update errors.With the Boldgrid backup, we can also store up to backup archives on the Dashboard. Bold grid comes with 200+ themes that are categorized by the industries according to their working. It Quickly provides as many word presentations needed. It easily transfers the site needed to the preferred host.
Review:- The main advantage of this plugin is that u will get a number of other powerful tools with this plugin.

BackupBuddy:-Backup buddy is another powerful plugin used by more than half of the million WordPress sites.It allows the daily, weekly, monthly backup of the site. Backup buddy also enables us to backup in cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace cloud, FTP and also in the email.
The other biggest advantage of the backup buddy is that it is not a subscription-based plugin so you can use it on a number of websites mentioned in your plan.
With these advantages, you also get access to a premium support forum, Regular updates and 1GB of backupbuddy stash storage. The backup buddy can also be used to duplicate, migrate and restore websites.
Review:-The first and most effective point is that it is cost effective backup solution.And with that, it has a feature of that will back up, review and move a WordPress site.

Blog Vault:-Blog vault is also a backup service for WordPress but it has multiple functions i.e. its a Software as a Service(SaaS)solution.
It creates offsite backups on BlogVault servers, which leads to zero loads on your server.
The blog vault creates the daily and routine backup of the site and also allows manually to create on-demand backups. Its features include smart incremental features that synchronize small incremental change.This helps in the optimal performance of the site.
Besides all these features it also keeps 90 days backup so that to recover the site from any mishap.
Review:-It creates an offsite WordPress backup, that helps website servers to be unloaded.It prices are h