According to the medical experts, scoliosis is termed to be a medical condition, where there is noticed abnormal deviation in the spine region. In layman’s language, if the person is viewed from his/her backside, he/she has an S or C shaped spine curve rather than vertically upright and normal orientation. The Scoliosis Spine Surgery Cost in India is quite low, thus enabling patients from all over the world to come here for better and advanced treatment.

Types of scoliosis

Two categories are found namely:

  • Structural scoliosis: It is somewhat complicated and there are several types found, with one being adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. It is inflexible, rigid spinal curve and for some unknown reason is said to grow in that manner. With the spine continuing its growth, there is found some amount of risk involved. Generally, patients are recommended by doctors to perform spine mobilization and/or manual adjustments to improve functionality, flexibility, mechanical balance and alignment. Exercises are prescribed and pain managed naturally through chiropractic practice. Scoliosis patients can benefit immensely from proprioceptive exercises. They are exercises prescribed to enhance body position awareness. Some examples include exercises performed on the rocker board, exercise ball, vibration platform or the wobble board. Balancing exercises are also recommended. This can help retrain central nervous system. There may also be prescribed specific corrective exercises designed specifically to stretch relatively tight muscles as well as strengthen weaker ones. They are to be performed regularly as advised. Sleep posture and deep breathing exercises can be beneficial.
  • Postural / functional scoliosis: It is considered to be a postural adaption to rectify an imbalance present in the base of support. Low arch present on one side or leg length inequality, for example may cause pelvis region to dip downwards to one particular side. The spine will then curve as adaptive response since all joints will get connected functionally. Such scoliosis type is considered to be flexible and is diagnosed through physical examinations conducted on the patient. This type is also fairly easy to rectify. The physician may recommend usage of custom foot orthotics to rectify feel alignment or use heel rise if structurally short leg is found. Also may be prescribed chiropractic care to address joint or muscle findings and pain resulting from abnormal force distribution experienced for several years.

What are the risks of scoliosis?

The person has scoliosis does not necessarily mean that he/she will experience problems in the future. Some people are found to carry on their lives without having an idea of this problem and only to diagnose this issue later. But scoliosis does involve some risks, which needs to be understood clearly. If greater curves are present, then more pain will be experienced and there can be onset of arthritis much earlier in life because of the joints’ uneven wear & tear. Also are present risks of scoliosis continuing in its progress (which is common during the adolescence stage as spine continues to grow). In structural scoliosis, concern is present about internal organ compression as curves tend to progress beyond a specific point.

Diagnosis of scoliosis

X-ray imaging and physical examination is conducted to diagnose scoliosis. Through physical examination, the doctor is able to evaluate the flexibility and posture of the spinal motion ranges including orthopedic testing. The professionals have a keen eye to detect different posture abnormalities in the body like un-leveling of shoulder region, hips, feet, knees, and pelvis, all of which might indicate presence of scoliosis. In case of detection of this issue, the next step will entail determination of its being structural or postural. The latter is likely to unwind upon the torso side bending, while the former is not likely to unwind completely upon the side bending. It also will have positive Adam’s test (spine’s forward flexible is likely to show rib protrusion evidence on one particular side). There may also be prescribed x-ray testing to evaluate its severity and to measure objectively the curve. It is necessary to rule out the other potential causes present for scoliosis.

Contacting the professionals will help the person to know the exact Scoliosis Spine Surgery Cost in India and to get the very best treatment and remedy from this issue.