How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Table

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The table and chairs of your dining room will characterise its style and theme, so take pride in pairing your table with chairs and create a balance that’s not only inviting but thriving in design. With 1825 Interiors’ versatile range of dining tables and chairs, you can achieve a dining room that you will love to bring guests to and create memories at.

Let your creative juices flow and acknowledge that your dining set does not necessarily have to match, but the chairs should always compliment and harmonise in the scale and in style.

1825 Interiors have provided a dining set section on their website to provide guidance in your interior design decisions and assistance if you need that little bit of extra help on your journey.

Scaling of your dining room set

Interior design requires more than just creativity. You’ll also need to consider measurements when making choices and planning your rooms.

Keep in mind that the standard seat height is 18 inches, the standard table height is 30 inches and the ideal length between seat and table is 12 inches.

Consider the length of your table when deciding on the number of seats that it will be teamed with. A comfortable space between chairs is approximately 24 inches. Let the length of the table help you determine how many chairs to purchase.

Matching the style of the table to the chair

Table and chairs can be from different eras, themes and textures. Take the lead and try to mix and matching your furniture. Your chairs can be different to one another. However, it is important to not just blindly pick chairs that you like. Choose chairs that like each other and complement each other.

Mix and match your chairs by having a bench like 1825 Interiors Stonemill Bench ($199.00) across from a row of the Byron Dining Chair’s ($169.00). As the bench is made up of timber along with the top of the chair, they subsequently match perfectly and will make your dining room interesting in balance.

Choosing chairs that match your table perfectly is never a bad choice as well, it allows you to then have creative flexibility throughout the rest of the room. Choose a fun table runner and then repeat the colours from the tablecloth in other elements of your room like the accessories or wall art.

The Vintage 2500×900 Dining Package ($2201.00) is elegant and poise, why not pair it with the Palm Green Table Runner ($39.00). The table runner is bright in colour and has an exciting pattern and will bring out the natural vibe from the old wood in the table set.

Think about the shape of your table. A square table generally should be matched with square seats and circle tables could be with circle chairs. But, why not think outside the box and elegantly mix and match your shapes.

Around your round timber table put upholstered square fabric chairs. The complete contrast of shape and texture is eye catching and builds personality. Mix and matching is a theme you can carry throughout the entire house, if successfully done your home will be one filled with charm and charisma.

What is the purpose of your dining table?

Considering this factor is important because it affects choice in comfort, maintenance and efficiency. Think about if you’ll be using the dining table for formal dinner parties, to lounge around and do your work on or is it simply for having dinner with your family?

If you’re using it for formal dinners, it’s best to buy chairs that provide comfort as you’ll likely be sitting for longer periods of time. A chair with upholsters is great for comfort and looks formal. 1825 Interiors Fargo Dining Chair Salt and Pepper ($120.00) fits a mid-century modern theme and will provide comfort for you and your guests.

An efficient chair for family dinners would be the Airlie Dining Chair ($159.00). It is simple in shape but alluring in texture. It is also easy to wipe down if you have young kids who are prone to a few spills and splashes during dinner time.

Shop the 1825 interiors range to find your perfect dining table.

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