Why Manali to Leh Road Trip Is India’s Best Road Trip?

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Warning – Explore Manali to Leh Road Trip on your own risk. You will be bewitched by the enticing landscape beauty and never-ending memories.

Travel is not an escape it a therapy. It helps us broaden our perspective of seeing the same things or scenarios in different ways. Some like flying to the destinations, some like sailing towards and some prefer reaching it by road. With the 21st century shifting towards travelling, deciding the best road trip in India is no more an easy task. Whether it is Mumbai to Goa, Jaipur to Kutch, Delhi to Manali, all have made their mark in the outside world.

But there is still one road trip which is at a par level compared to others, Manali to Leh Road trip. Not one, not two, but we will give you 5 perfect reasons why it is India’s best road trip.  Have a look!

  1. Solace is your companion

We go on road trips to make the most the journey and find solitude where we can hear ourselves, unlike the urban life where we are more dedicated towards our daily tasks, accomplishments and goals. It is not that they are not important, but you are important too. Giving time to self is the best way to embrace your abilities, learn from mistakes and move forward as a better person. Isn’t that we all want?

  1. Beautiful landscapes

From the terrains changing from Green to yellow, yellow to white, you will be riding at the few of the highest mountains passes in India as well as the world where you’ll feel like riding in the clouds. You have to cross the streams which block the roads due to melting snow, it may sound easy, but that isn’t the case. You get to witness the cold desert where you might find a speck of green colour once in a while, unlike any other road trip. Ladakh trip by road will turn out to be the ultimate way to enjoy the beauty of varying landscapes over a short period. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is what it is!

  1. Adventure and Thrill

You tell us what it would be riding at one of the highest mountain passes in the world, Khardung La Pass or how would it feel watching millions of stars as your shelter while you pitch your camp in the dunes of Nubra Valley? Not enough, okay how would it feel to watch your stationary vehicle move by itself in the upward direction or trek on the frozen Zanskar river? What is common in all. The adventure and thrill which one gets on Manali Leh Road Trip are unlike any other in the world. Do it yourself, and you’ll understand the meaning of every word why we said, what we said.


  1. Cheap Accommodation

Manali Leh Highway has many towns and remote villages where one can opt to stay in a hotel or a homestay, although hotels are expensive compared to homestays but still, they are pretty less. If you are going for Ladakh Trip by road, we would recommend you to stay in the homestays as it is very cheap and you also get the homey touch. What else one wants?


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