With improving medical science and the introduction of state of the art medical equipment, people of all ages and gender are able to take care of their health and do away with the ailments contracted by them at some point of time in their lives. These days, specialized doctors have been able to provide top quality treatment to their patients, helping them to get back to normal life by eliminating the health issues suffered by them. However, not all people were lucky in the recent past to enjoy the gift of advanced medical technology. The reason is because, medications and surgical procedures of any type including frequent doctor visits and hospital stays or therapies to be conducted after the surgery are very expensive. Such costs are only found to increase with time and many procedures and therapies are not found to be covered by the insurance policies. This means, those people wanting to avail treatment for major diseases were left in a lurch not able to bear such huge costs involved with their savings. It is for this reason that many are eager to know what is the best country for medical tourism?

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is rather defined as provision made for patients to go to other countries to seek cost-effective, safer and faster surgical and medical procedures and therapies. Combination of different types of factors is said to have led people in huge numbers from the developed nations to migrate to the developing countries like India to seek superior quality medical treatment. some of the common reasons for patients of all types to plan their visit to India for further and advanced treatments include getting lucrative medical package, affordable international travel, ease of travelling to the country, choice of hospitals to choose from, avoid long frustrating queues, consult the best world famous doctors, etc. Added to this is the improving medical technology standards and improved health care in India that has been luring patients from all over the world to come here to seek new, improved life.

More about medical tourism

The very concept associated with medical tourism can be traced to ancient Greece. Patients and pilgrims in those days used to come to Greece from the Mediterranean countries to seek the sanctuary of Asklepios, the healing god at Epidaurus. The wealthy Europeans of Germany during the 18th century were said to travel to Mediterranean spas.

Medical tourism industry in today’s 21st century has evolved and has made it possible for the average individual to avail it without having to worry about the cost part. The development countries like India, has been doing its bit to promote medical tourism among foreign patients and provide them with low cost treatment. The superior quality treatment combined with relaxation fun and leisure is what has made medical tourism to become termed a vacation.

Opportunity for everyone

Medical tourism does offer patients suffering from different types of ailments to avail huge opportunities to get proper and timely treatment from the top rated hospitals in the country. Increased transportation facilities, advancement in medical technology, combined with need for immediate quality healthcare only has encouraged the national healthcare providers to market their services globally. It is found that medical tourists tend to travel great distances for seeking the best hospitals and world class doctors. The healthcare industry in India is booming and the hospitals here are investing to help acquire state of the art technology. They also are noticed to venture into different areas involving medical research. They also offer non-medical services like spa facilities, hospitality services along with transportation services, thus facilitating their treatment and stay in the country.

Why medical tourism attracts international clients?

As stated above, easy available of advanced medical facilities using the best and the latest cutting edge technology along with excellent track record of the hospitals and doctors, with cost effective surgical procedures and medication is what has actually being compelling to visit here for treatment. With low cost packages here in India, the patient is not overburdened to avail the treatment. Also, he/she is able to find the best available medical solutions to the ailments that have been creating problems for a long time.

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