Why Do People Wear Engagement Rings?

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Many nations in the world believe that a circle is a symbol of eternity, as this form has no beginning or end. So the love of the two lovers must also be eternal. But there is another interpretation of the shape of the ring: the two halves are spiritually united in an inseparable and unbreakable whole. Besides the symbolism, it was assumed that a circle had mysterious properties: The Eastern dragon has its own tail between the teeth: the symbol of the imperishable universe; Shamans and wizards draw a circle to protect themselves from the spirits of the devil.

In many people’s mythology, a circle is embodied in the sun or even the universe. Exactly these ideas made our ancestors choose a ring as a sign of love and endless fidelity. In addition, an simulated diamond engagement ring protects the “significant other” from accident, as the circle frame does not allow malicious angels to influence the beloved.

Initially, people had bracelets to protect their spouses and were used on legs and wrists. It is assumed that the engagement rings originate from bracelets.

Engagement Rings in the Roman Empire

The Romans were the first in the world to wear rings, but their tradition has nothing to do with the modern of a marriage! He put an engagement ring with a pattern on a woman’s finger, and it was compressed so hard that a woman could never take it off. Generally, the pattern consisted of the man’s differentiated characters. In this way, these jewels were a sign of someone who belonged to another, simply a sign of slavery! Do you think it was barbarism? None of it! A girl with such a ring became impossible for other brutal men, so she was out of danger.

Because of the process of cultural assimilation that arose between the conquerors and the professional nations, the use of wearing an engagement ring was scattered all over the world, although it suffered some changes. For example, the men from the East formed a sophisticated ring design that presented a kind of puzzle. A woman could not remove this ring as she had to know a combination of secret turns. The least wrong movement made the accessory break completely and the woman was accused of adultery and severely punished.

The ancient Jews changed their tradition of giving an iron coin to the chosen one in a show of seriousness and prosperity for a wedding ring as well.

Engagement rings for men have appeared relatively recently. These jewels gained their popularity during the First World War, as the soldiers used them as a reminder of the family. After the war, this accessory gained the status of a permanent male decoration for the married.

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