Why Is Mental Support So Important For Undergraduate Students?

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Do you ever hear a graduate student complaining about how he always feels tired and low on positive energy? It is probably a sign of deteriorating mental health due to the stress of college. College life comes with a huge cost apart from monetary means. Mental health is probably the most concerning and the biggest cost that college students mostly pay during their degree program. In college, there is not only educational stress; rather personal, social, and financial stress also take over the mind of a student and that is the main reason why it is so important for colleges to introduce mental health wellness programs in colleges along with proper steps to promote mental wellbeing.

It is very important that colleges encourage mental wellbeing as that will provide confidence to the students and they will be able to fight the disease. Every year thousands of students across the world die merely due to pressure in college life. While sometimes it is combined pressure of stressful life, mostly it is only the educational pressure and the behavior of teachers and college administrations that force students to take away their life and fight the pain once and for all. Following are some of the important steps that college managements need to take care of in their institutes for promotion of mental health.

Acknowledge mental health

First and foremost, acknowledgement is important. College teachers and professors need to start acknowledging the fact that mental health is as important of an issue as physical health. In our society, mental health is considered to be a taboo topic which has instilled the idea in people’s mind of mental health problems to be an attention seeking stunt. It is very important that higher management of colleges acknowledges the problem of mental health and fight the culture of being silent. By acknowledging, they will give tons of confidence to the victims to talk about their issues instead of killing themselves.

Expect reluctance, but push students to speak

Since mental health is asked to be avoided for a long time now, it is now an issue for the victims to talk about it. They are reluctant to speak out due to the fear of judgment and misunderstanding. However, colleges need to understand reluctance and hesitation by students and push them to speak. At first students hesitate, but when they are pushed in the right direction, they speak up.

Introduce stress reduction courses

Short stress reduction courses from assignment help UK are quite helpful and effective to provide mental health support to college students. These will help them to release stress and reduce pressure and maintain a healthy mental life.

Avoid overburdening students

Weirdly enough, college management and instructors forget that overburdening comes with great cost of mental health. When they overburden a student with assignments and exams, they themselves are causing them stress and ruining their mental stability. It is important that college management starts planning course plan according to the capacity of an average student to avoid overburdening them with tons of homework.

Conduct informative seminars on harassment and bullying

Most of the times the reason of mental health instability is the harassment and bullying in college. Colleges not only make sure to create a safe zone for students, but informative seminars about different types of harassment and bullying must also be arranged to create awareness among students regarding these two common issues.

Develop support groups in the premises

Lastly, colleges must create peer support groups for students to provide them with a comfortable opportunity of talking to people if they are not easy to see the college counselor or therapist. These support groups are excellent source of positivity, and help students to fix their mental health issues while being amongst the people of their type.

Mental health is a real issue in the world and especially for the college students. It is important that colleges start taking it seriously as well and incorporate the discussed above strategies in the premises to help students fight their mental illnesses and diseases. It is important to provide support if they want to reduce suicide rate.

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