7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

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Managing an event is not a joke. A lot of planning and executing the ideas are required to make the event successful. It is an art that can be mastered with the help of guidance. NIEM is an excellent platform for the aspirants who want to undertake event management studies and master the art of delivering high-quality services. It is one of the most sought after event management institutes in India.

The most important role is that of a venue that can make or break an event. The selection of the venue should be done wisely so that various factors are met with efficiency. The factors which should be considered while choosing a venue are mentioned below:

  1. The budget of the client

The foremost role of event planning is the budget. The venue selection is also dependent upon the budget set by the client for the event. Be it a wedding function, birthday party, kitty party, corporate event, or likewise; budget plays a pivotal role in deciding the venue for the party.

  1. Location

The location of the event venue may be local or outside the town/station. If the party is in the venue which is in the local vicinity, then the transport to reach the event hall/resort/hotel for the outstation guests or relatives of the host is also arranged by the management company.

If the location of the event is outstation, then the tickets for the air/rail/bus have to be done by the event managers. The transportation choice also depends upon the budget of the client. These days destination weddings are very trendy and mostly the host prefers air bookings for the same.

  1. The capacity of the venue

The guest list decides the requirement. The outdoor or indoor event is managed with perfection when the guest list is known to the event manager. The capacity of the hall may or may not be able to accommodate the number of guests visiting the party. Thus the manager will have to look for other options which can be good enough to decide the venue.

  1. Services and amenities

The venue should have good amenities. It should be equipped with proper and well-managed restrooms so that the customers do not face any difficulty. The venue should have a proper seating arrangement so that the guests are comfortable during the event. They should be properly served by the staff which will guarantee their enjoyment. The proper installation of music systems should be managed by the venue as the most function does require music, live music, or DJ.

  1. Food

This is an important factor that should not be neglected. Good food always leaves its mark and people remember the party if the food is great. Prior tasting of the food can be a good idea to avoid last-minute goof-ups. If the caterer is outsourced, then also prior tasting is advisable.

  1. Parking in the location

For all the events which are held locally, the parking of the venue should be managed by the event management company. The best event management institute also emphasizes this factor. It should have adequate parking to accommodate the cars of the guests. Some event venues do have valet service available for the convenience of the clients.

  1. Decoration

Parties look beautiful and impressive when the venue is dazzling with proper decoration. Floral and other themes are very important which can make the venue look beautiful. The lighting also plays a pivotal role and the entire hall looks embellished when the lighting is diligently installed and lit. It is an important part of the decoration.

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