Serve Your Customers Better and Improve CS Ratings with Chat Support Outsourcing

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The world of customer service is tricky. You can have the best customer support team in the world, but if your strategy is not right, you will struggle to keep your customers happy and CS (customer satisfaction) ratings high. Not so long ago, companies used to base their success mantra solely on voice support services. And, this strategy used to work like a charm as customers used to love getting a resolution on the phone from a polite customer service agent. However, things have changed drastically in the recent past due to a steep rise in the competition, and the changed attitude of the millennials. Nowadays, customers know their product pretty well and require the right support, at the right time and through their preferred channel. The answer to this new requirement of customers comes in the form of chat support outsourcing.

The Amazing Benefits of Chat Support

Chat support is not a new concept; however, it has only shot to fame in the recent past. The integration of an intuitive and easily accessible chat window at the bottom of your web browser can do wonders for your business. Not sure how? Just have a look at some of its benefits:

  1. Quicker resolution to customer issues – The biggest reason for the success of chat support comes from the fact that it solves customer issues a lot quicker than any other mode. A customer who is browsing through your website and has some doubts can simply click the small chat window on the bottom of the screen and straightaway get in touch with your chat support team. The same cannot be said about voice support, which requires a customer to wait in a long queue before getting through your agent.
  2. Understanding of customers’ issues in detail – Although voice support offers a personal touch in communication, it does not provide an easy way to keep record of all the conversations. Hence, when a customer is facing a convoluted issue, voice support fails in some cases. On the other hand, all chat interactions between a customer and the agents are duly saved under chat history, which can be readily accessed when the problem becomes too hard to solve. In rare cases, when such a situation arises, a TL or manager can access the chat history and resolve the issue for the customer.
  3. Lowers cost – Compared to voice support, chat support is a simpler process. The agents who undertake chat support tasks generally demand less salaries than voice support agents. Moreover, in case of high chat volume, it is even possible for a single chat agent to handle multiple customers at the same time.

How to Maximize Chat Support Benefits?

The many benefits of chat support can be enhanced by chat support outsourcing to an accomplished vendor. If you can find the desired chat support services in India, you can take advantage of the currency exchange rate and reduce the cost of operation by up to 50%.

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