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This is a fact that all the applications like Illustrator and Photoshop are important tools for the graphic artist, and it is more complex to use these tools for beginners. Canva permits its users to make a large number of designs, which includes social media graphics, flyers, invitations, etc. If you want to know how to use Canva, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Use Canva

Once you have selected the template, it is time to work on the design. You need to begin by placing a picture through the Canva huge photo library. Here are the steps listed below to use Canva step by step:

•    In the taskbar which is located to the left-hand side of the display, you need to choose the Photos option.

•    On this window, you will get the Canva image library.

•    Type the search term in the search box to search for a particular picture.

•    Otherwise, go down for more suggestions.

•    After getting the picture which you want to start using, pull the picture in the design window.

•    You can change the size and flip of the picture.

•    Otherwise, you can make the picture transparent.

•    You can use the taskbar provided at the upper side of the design window.

•    After you get the picture which you wish to, then you can move forward to the next step or add any other pictures or elements.

Steps to Use Canva Heading and Text

•    Choose the Text option located in the taskbar given to the left-hand side of the display.

•    On this window, you will get the text options which is provided by the Canva.

•    Pull any text which you want to start using in the design window.

•    You have to place the text field into a correct position in the design window.

•    If you wish to start changing the text, then click twice on the text.

•    After that, enter it into the box.

•    If you want to start changing the font, then use the menu list provided in the taskbar given at the upper side of the design window for choosing the new font. If you dont have the desired fonts then check how to install fonts?

•    Start changing the color of a text, adjustment, distance, etc. through the same taskbar.

•    Now, you can use Canva heading and text.

Steps for Adding Flair to the Design Through Canva Elements

You cannot finish any design without adding some flair. The Elements column provides you access to a large number of design elements, including:

•    Lines

•    Illustrations

•    Gradients

•    Shapes

•    Frames

•    Charts

•    Grids

•    Icons

•    And other design elements also.

For selecting the design element, pull it in the design window. Here are the

steps mentioned below to complete this procedure:

•    Let’s take an example; you can start using the shape, pull the shape element which you want to select into the design window.

•    For changing the position of the shape element, choose the Position option.

•    Start using the menu list to choose any position of the shape element.

•    Place the shape element into forward and backward among the layers.

•    Now, you have to start adding the shape elements to the design window in the way till you are not satisfied with it.

 Steps for Downloading and Sharing the Canva Design

•    If you wish to start sharing the design with anyone, then click on the Share button,

•    After that, type the email ID on which you want to share the design.

•    Permit them for editing and viewing the design.

•    For downloading the design, choose the Download symbol provided in the taskbar located at the upper side of the display.

•    After that, select the type of the file.

•    Choose the Pay and Download for paying the Premium picture and elements.

•    Now, you can start downloading the design to the system.

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