Elevate The Interior Decor With A Gorgeous Ceiling Design

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Whether you are an interior designer or not, if you have decided to build your house from scratch and you want it to be entirely your idea, you should first begin experimenting with the ceiling. Since the walls, the ceiling and the color or pattern you have chosen for it attract attention the most, the first priority should be given to the ceiling and then the walls. The colors can be alike, you can choose an entirely different design or patterns for the ceiling since customization is completely dependent on your imagination.

Here are some gorgeous ceiling design ideas that you can get inspiration from for your home.

Ceilings draped in linen

Those homes that have sunrooms usually have the ceiling at all. For that, if you intend to add more elegance to it, linen cloth draped over the ceiling would look visually appealing. Most of the extravagant residencies tend to use linen as a ceiling drape. The same linen cloth can also be used on sofas or other interior design equipment.

Customized glossed ceiling

Customization is a great way to enhance the interior of your house or apartment. You would not have to invest a lot into it since glossed ceilings are easily available. You do not have to gloss them yourself as customizable square edge ceiling tiles can be either found online or purchased through an interior design store.

Rounded and circular edges

Decorative elements to add to your ceiling are several but the architectural design can be molded accordingly too. When you are given a blueprint of your house, you can suggest some changes to the architect that befit the ceiling design you have in mind. If the design of the ceiling has been rendered in a circular mold, the ceiling would have a Victorian touch to it.

Plastered bedroom ceiling

Most of the houses in the posh areas of the west tend to have master bedrooms. The common practice of interior design in these master bedrooms is that the ceiling is plastered and patterns are engraved into it. The patterns are usually customized hence it is a costly practice. If you think you can afford it, you should certainly go for a plastered ceiling.

Colors that contrast and compliment

Color contrast is not only made for the walls or the interior items for a residency. You can go through various catalogs to find which colors compliment each other better. The two widely used colors are yellow and blue so once, you have painted the ceiling yellow and added blue tiles to it for further enhancement, you can add sofas and chairs of the same contrasting colors.

Panels made of walnut

For a more eco-friendly approach to ceiling design, the walnut ceiling is a preferred choice. Those who prefer staying close to the earth and do not want to invest in substances that harm the environment can get either bamboo or walnut-based ceiling. The ceiling is broken down into tiles and then paneled with the inclusion of walnut.

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