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Google lets you order food without a delivery app: How to get partnered with Google?

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Apart from the emergence of various food delivery apps like UberEats, FoodPanda, Postmates, now Google has brought a new method to order food without downloading any app or visiting websites. The search engine now lets the users order food online from Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Google Search, forming a partnership with the existing delivery services.

Order food online without the food delivery apps

While searching and ordering food via Google Search and Google Maps an “Order Online” button will be displayed automatically. Also, this button will be displayed only for the supported restaurants. Then the processes such as choosing the pickup and delivery locations and delivery service through which you want to get your food delivered will take place. If you select a supported restaurant, then each process right from viewing the menu to paying the amount can be done through the Google interface and Google Pay.

While on the Google Assistant, for both iOS and Android, the functionality is standard. You start the process by requesting Google to make an order from your preferred restaurant, before choosing a delivery service and food through the interface. In case if you are not sure with your decision or want to reorder the same menu, you can ask your Google voice assistant to repeat the previous one. 

Google Supports these food delivery services now

For now, Google supports five different delivery services, including Doordash and Postmates, and says that it will add other services soon. Currently, the major competitors like UberEats, Deliveroo, GrubHub are missing from Google’s roster. 

This new addition of Google provides enormous benefit to smaller restaurants that can’t afford to develop their food delivery applications. Usually, the expense to create an application will be of massive investment for small business. So many of them opt for clone scripts to develop an app like UberEats now.

How to launch a food delivery app & get partnered with Google?

UberEats clone app has the exact functioning similar to the existing model and even works much faster if you enhance the features. There will be no hindrance or hassle when you adopt a clone. A few development companies offer them at a reasonable rate with much more inbuilt features. 

Google’s initiative allows newbies as well as the restaurants that struggle to grab customers to increase its online exposure and visibility. Whether you start a small or mid-sized business, this kind of partnership with Google can increase your credibility at a great extent. 

To know more about the food delivery app development and other feature integrations, you can reach AppDupe today. They can give you ideas and guide to build a successful application with customer-centric features. 

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