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How Business Loan Apps Beneficial for Growing a Business?

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Managing and running a business is easier with innovative technology accessible to you today. In fact, you can source materials, sell, track orders, conduct conferences, manage employees and more, all on the go. Why should business financing not offer you the same convenience? With top lenders offering business loans online, you can access needed funding from the comfort of your home or office. What’s more, you can put your smartphone to even better use by adding an online loan app or a business loan app to your home screen. This will help you address any gaps in working capital or growth capital with ease and track business finance repayment.

Benefits of using Business Loan Apps

Loan apps come with several benefits and are handy and convenient. Take a look at all you stand to gain from the market’s premier business loan app by Bajaj Finserv.

It offers financial support instantly

With a business loan, you can bid goodbye to working capital shortcomings and bridge any gaps in your fiscal resources. Whether you are purchasing new machinery, setting up a new branch to extend your business’ reach or expanding your workforce, you can get financing up to Rs.30 lakh at your fingertips. With this collateral-free instant loan at a nominal interest rate being only a few taps away via instant loan app, you can enjoy financing within 24 hours.  

It eliminates time-consuming procedures

With pre-approved offers available on the app, you can view business financing customised for you. Since these offers are created to suit your financial profile, you’ll not only save time and secure the loan faster, but also be confident about quick approval. Further, with the EMI calculator just a click away, you can plan your repayment within minutes. You only need to submit two documents to apply for your business loan, allowing you to focus on business growth rather than worrying about paperwork.

It allows you to access a digital account

Not only do you enjoy a digital loan account, but you can also view all your active loans and past borrowings with Bajaj Finserv on the app. You also receive notifications regarding your loan account on your home page. Here, you can download your business loan statements to have all the records in order as well.

It helps you manage your loan account seamlessly
Your convenience doesn’t end here; you can continue to manage your loan on the Bajaj Finserv app even post your sanction. From viewing your dues to paying them off, everything you need only requires a tap! Pay your EMIs, make part-prepayments, and even foreclose your loan while you travel for business, wait to meet a new client, or on your way to view a demo of new machinery.

With loan application and repayment made easy via a handy business loan app, you can concentrate on excelling in your business instead of rushing to a branch to apply for a business loan. To get started, download the Experia app today and unleash the power of financing to grow your business.

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