Commercial refrigerators and large and expensive than domestic units, and they require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Keeping your commercial refrigerator in good working condition is essential to protect your food from spoilage.

Keeping your refrigeration units in good condition not only preserves your food items but also helps you serve your customers with fresh food. So let us learn in this post about the essential steps to maintain your commercial refrigerator.

Clean the refrigerator

Regardless of the type of fridge, you need to clean it from the interior as well as exterior. Cleaning the fridge from the outer surface is quite simple as all you need is to spray a cleaning solution and wipe off with a soft cloth.

However, for cleaning the fridge from inside, you need to turn it off and take out all the food items. To prevent them from spoilage, it is best to transfer them to another refrigerator. Clean the fridge from the inside by a cleaning solution and use a soft cloth to wipe the liquid. Allow it to dry completely before placing the foods inside.

Defrost Weekly

The ice in the freezing compartment gets contaminated within a few days. So it should not be consumed or served to customers in foods or drinks if it is older than a few days. You should defrost the freezer at least once a week and replace the ice trays daily with fresh water.

Check the gaskets on the doors

The doors of your refrigerator play a vital role in retaining the cooling and temperature of the unit. Users need to check the door gaskets every week or several times a month. In case there are any cuts of gaps, it can lead to leakage of cold air and spoilage of foods due to inadequate cooling.

In such cases, it is essential to replace the door gasket immediately to restore the cooling in the unit. If your refrigerator has multiple doors, check the gaskets of all the entries.

Clean the air filters

Air filters are often clogged with dust from the surroundings and smoke from the cooking pans and fryers. Therefore, it is essential to clean the air filters to make them work effectively and provide adequate ventilation for the unit. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner or air blower to clean the air filter. If there is a lot of grease on it, use a degreaser solution to clean the filter. If the filter is too old, replace it with a new unit.

Clean the evaporator and condenser coil

The evaporator and condenser coils are the vital components of a refrigeration unit. If the unit is placed in a kitchen or near the preparation area, the grease and smoke can cover these coils very quickly. You need to clean both these coils to make your refrigerator work and perform best.

The condenser coil is located near the condenser of the refrigerator, and the evaporator unit is situated near the ventilator fan. You can clean them with a stiff bristled brush. Use a degreaser solution in the case of grease deposits on the coils. If you find it difficult, you call a professional like commercial fridge technician gold coast to clean the coils.

Drain pans and tubes

The drain pans and tubes are responsible for draining out the access water from your refrigerator. The water in the pans and pipes can attract dust and dirt from the environment that can clog them. Check these parts for buildups of dust and clean them with soap or vinegar solution at least once a month.

Extensive cleaning

It is best to perform an extensive cleaning every three months to clean your refrigerator from debris and bacteria. It is beyond the cleaning with soap solution and water. A professional uses special cleaning solutions and chemicals to clean every component of your refrigerator and restore the same for use.

Professional maintenance check

It is essential for every commercial refrigerator owner to call an expert for the scheduled maintenance sessions. If you are located in Gold Coast, you can call a commercial fridge technician Gold Coast for a professional maintenance check.

A professional would inspect all the main sections of the refrigerator and perform the necessary cleaning and repairs. In case a part is too old or worn to work its best, the technician will advise you to get it replaced. You can perform a professional maintenance check at least once a year.

Final Words

Commercial refrigerators are a vital part of your food business. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them in good condition all the times. Maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators can help you to clean and maintain your refrigeration units. Performing the periodic cleaning and maintenance checks can help business owners to maintain their refrigerator in working condition.