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Relationship with Food

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Since the beginning, the food has had an integrated relationship with man. From basic survival to forbidden fruit, our history and rituals blend with food. Some foods and herbs delay us and others stimulate our system. If we look through the ages, we can see many examples of how man and food share the story together. Some rituals change over time, and others remain the same and familiar.

Food has always been an element of association between people. We use food to mark and celebrate social occasions and even religious rituals. The following examples are just a sample of food history over the centuries:

In many ancient and modern religions, sacred rites are centered around a common meal that often becomes sacred by involving ritual ceremonies.
Food is also offered after the funeral after the mourning period to remind us that life continues and must continue. Greeks and Romans placed cakes with honey in the graves to protect them from Pluto’s three-headed dog, Cereberus, guarding the gates of the Elysian fields.
The Hindus still offer rice cakes to the ancestors waiting in the land of the dead for their turn to return to the land of the living land.

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Eating habits distinguish religions from each other. For example Hindus do not eat meat. Muslims and Jews will only eat halal or kosher meat and will not eat pork.
The ancient cultures of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe had religions with sacrificial rituals.
The foods we eat as raw or cooked, steamed or pickled vegetables, spicy or soft, bittersweet, are part of our cultural identity.

In India, all foods are classified into three categories: goodness (sattva), passion (rajas) and ignorance (tamas). The Vedic belief is that everything in the life of food, work, etc. it can be classified within these three categories of material existence. Goodness will lead the person to knowledge, passion leads to suffering and ignorance brings darkness.

Certain foods have been used for other purposes, including medicine and for power.

Apple cider vinegar as a body cleanser is legendary. It goes back to the Egyptians until 3000 a. And for hundreds of years in Japan, the samurai warriors drank it for their strength, vitality and power.
It is believed that Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressor, which has been used by the San Kalahari gays for thousands of years as a strong medical benefit.

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The native of the Amazon forest would crush the guarana seed to use it as a drink and medicine. It was used to treat diarrhea, reduce fatigue and hunger and to help treat pain from arthritis to menstruation.
Herbal medicine uses the flower to treat gastrointestinal disorders, as well as to treat a number of health problems ranging from nervousness and insomnia to arthritis and sore throat and even obesity. Halal Certification Services (HCS) (EU) is an experienced and world-wide recognized and respected certification company providing assessment, auditing and training services. HCS(EU) based in Germany is assisting ingredients, food products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers to cater the halal market needs check it now
Ginseng is one of the oldest medicinal plants known in Asia for thousands of years. It has traditionally been used to help combat fatigue and as a tonic to tone various body systems.

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