Some Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitizers

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Hygiene is very important for every individual. There are only so many ways one can keep themselves clean by using soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and so on. A recent addition to the hygiene family are sanitizers that come in handy when you cannot use any of these or even water to clean your hands. Here are some interesting facts and information about hand sanitizers that you should know.

Come in Handy anytime, anywhere.

Of course, water and soap or hand wash are the best way to keep your hands clean. But what about when you do not have either of these available around you. Only washing your hands will not kill the invisible germs, bacteria, and viruses. You should sanitize them with alcohol-based antibacterial hand sanitizer after washing hands. They are very much useful when water is not available.

The Correct Steps to Use

Take a coin-sized drop of the hand sanitizer in your palm and spread it on both your palms. Next, rub each of your palms with the other one thoroughly until your hands dry.

How effective are they

Sanitizers are mostly used in hospitals and other health care facilities as there are a lot of bacteria and viruses in the air. Also, they are used before visiting a patient so as to not contaminate them. However, they can be used in most other situations as well, such as while you are out and plan to grab a bite after shopping, and there is no washing area nearby. In such a case, you can pull out your sanitizer and use it.

Which kills more germs- Washing Hands or Sanitizer?

Only washing your hands with normal soap and water will not kill many invisible germs. Soap cleans up dirty and greasy hands. Most people use hand sanitizer or antibacterial soap. However, using hand sanitizer on dirty hands is not much effective. Hence, it is best to use them after washing and drying your hands properly.

Precautions to follow

It should be used as directed. Swallowing of alcohol-based good smelling hand sanitizer can cause alcohol poisoning. Some people think that gargling of hand sanitizer can clear your throat. However, they contain ethyl alcohol and swallowing it could be very harmful and poisonous. It should always be kept away from the reach of children as they may be likely to swallow it as they are scented and brightly colored.

How often should you use it?

They should be used after washing your hands or without washing your hands. That means sometimes when you are doing outdoor activities and water is not available; you will need hand sanitizer. Also, if hands have touched harmful chemicals, you should wash carefully with soap and water and then apply it over them after drying them. Other places that you should use them are in public transports, public bathrooms, hospitals, and so on.

Does Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Kill Flu Virus?

Hand sanitizer kills most types of germs, bacteria, and viruses. The transmission of some flu-like diseases can be prevented with their use. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer fights against germs and kills 99.9% of them. Also, they can work up to 6 hours.

Some surprising uses of hand sanitizer apart from using them for cleaning your hands:

  • A drop of it and a soft cloth will make your phone’s screen shine.
  • Stops itching after mosquito bites.
  • Applying it on zit or a pimple will make them dry and helps to remove them.
  • Helps in making your glasses and sunglasses shiner
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