There are a lot of ways to irrigate the field or a garden. You can use a sprinkler, rotor irrigators, soaker hoses, sprays, drip irrigation system and a lot of other innovative irrigation systems

However, one thing that remains common in all of these systems is the motor. It is the part that draws water from the source and sends it to the releasing head. Without it, the whole modern irrigation system turns to some pipelines with beautiful heads.

Therefore, it is very crucial that you pay special attention to this essential element of the irrigation system. You have to make sure that the motor you buy for your system is compatible and can handle the pressure of the irrigation system.

The following are the points that you have to consider before selecting a motor for your irrigation system. Have a look:

Choose the Irrigation System

Different types of irrigation system will need different amount and pressure of water. So, start the whole process by determining the type of irrigation system you are planning to employ.

It will give you a rough idea about the amount of water your motors has to pump and the time of its running.

You can use this data to find the controller that you will use and then find the motors that are compatible with the controller.

Determine the Size Required

One of the most complicated parts of selecting a pump is to calculate the size of the motor. If you choose an oversized motor it will pump more than required water. As a result, the pipelines and other components of the irrigation system will get damaged.

On the other hand, an undersized model will not water the field properly. It will consume more time, use more power and strain the system. It may also fail to handle the pressure and burn out.

So, you have to calculate the size of the pump before buying one. You can do it by finding the number of water outlets in your field and multiplying it with the gallons of water each of them dispenses in a minute. Once you know the water quality, you can check the pressure requirement of your system. It will remain constant throughout the system.

Consider the Water Source

Water source plays a crucial part in the type of motor you will need. If you have a source which is approximately at the ground level, a standard motor will be enough. However, if the water at your location is too low in the ground, you will need a powerful motor to draw it to the surface for irrigation. If you want to draw water from a nearby river or canal, you will need a motor or relative size and power.

Placement of the Pump

The placement of the pump is the location where you are going to install it for watering your landscape. The pump you buy should be convenient to fit in the space you have for installation. There should be the availability of electricity and the water resource from where it can draw water. For example, some people like to install the pump in their fields while others install it at a nearby place and connect it to the area through a hose.

The efficiency of the pump

The efficiency of the pump is the measure of the electricity that it consumes per hour. Efficiency depends on the power of the motor. Higher the power of the pump, more the electricity it consumes in an hour and lower is the efficiency. The efficiency also depends on the amount of water it pumps out per unit of electricity. So, here is the formula for calculating efficiency of a pump.

Efficiency % = Q * H / 3.67 * P1

Here, Q = water flow

H = head pressure

P1 = Power of the motor in KW

System Integration

The modern irrigation pumps are no longer independent units. Users need to integrate them with the irrigation systems and equipment for watering their landscapes. It simply means that the pump you choose must work with the irrigation system. So, users should ask about the compatibility of the pump and tell the salesperson about the irrigation system and setting where they need to install the same.

Final Words

These are the necessary requirements of an irrigation system. Farmers and landscape owners need to check all these things while purchasing a water pump for their fields. The irrigation motors in Australia comes fitted with onga pump parts that enable them to deliver high quality and efficiency.

The type, size and efficiency of a pump are the essential factors that every landscape owner needs to consider. Following the points given in this post can help farmers to purchase the right irrigation pump for watering their fields.